Снимки экрана (iPhone)


* PROVER lets you record videos by your mobile camera with the ability to confirm its authenticity later.
* PROVER gives to you convinient tool for making video agreements.
* PROVER helps you to confirm and check the authenticity of events, captured on the camera of your smartphone.
* PROVER allows you to earn using referral program.


* An excellent opportunity to confirm your handshake agreements, remote reports, and pieces of evidence, the occurrence of significant events and facts, authorship, and copyright, etc.
* Make confirmed video statements and verify your identity (KYC) for financial organizations, confirm the state of the insurance objects (cars, apartments, and others) for insurance companies, etc.
* Play built-in games, upgrade your your skills and compete with others.

Great way to get the verified authentic video:

* Sign up or sign in to your account.
* Recharge your balance if needed.
* Set up the required video quality.
* Choose template for agreement, if needed.
* Select camera and start filming.
* To activate the SWYPE ID function make a circular movement. The application will automatically generate the unique swype code based on the information from blockchain and display it on the screen.
* Enter swype code moving the phone along the arrows to combine the circles.
Continue filming.
* Finish filming and keep the file.
* After the video recording is completed, the unique hash of the file will be saved in the blockchain and you will always be able to confirm that your video content was created no earlier than the moment when the swype code was generated and no later than the moment of loading the unique hash in the blockchain.
* For authentication, upload the file to the product.prover.io validation service or send the file directly from the application.


* Do not change the file! Sending the file over messengers might recode the file! Any modification of the file (including re-coding) makes authentication impossible!


* Internet connection is needed to generate the swype code.
* Balance must be recharged in order to pay for the swype code generation.

Что нового

Версия 4.0.4

* Added ability to save geolocation with filmed video
* Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Оценок: 6

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