Rise & Shine: Smiling Alarm Clock 4+

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Step 1: zzZZzzZZzz
Step 2: #music #alarm do re mi fa so la ti do
Step 3: (^_^)
Step 5: !!!!!!!!!!!! YA TOAST. or mmm bagel if that's your thing. Coffee, someone get me a cup of coffee. Did I miss a step?

(You have to smile to turn it off. A really good smile too. Which it'll save so your friends can laugh at you later. Or you can turn that off, grump. It's healthy, trust us. Laughing and smiling. Both.)

Rise & Shine is here to make crawling out of bed just a little bit easier. Being cheery and stuff lowers stress, ya know? We figure it's a pretty good start if you wake up already smiling. That's the theory anyway! Oh, and for the bed head, there's a full on photo editor to help you clean up your morning mug before you show it to anyone.

Cool Things Rise & Shine does:
• Setup multiple weekly repeating alarms
• Beautiful dynamic interface adjusts to the current time of day where ever you are.
• Bedhead! Rise & Shine can snap morning photos of your bed head to laugh at later. (Can be disabled, only stored locally)
• Full Photo Editor for your bed head photos. (Brought to you by Aviary)
• Use built in alarm library or your own iTunes Music
• Add Vibrate or Strobe to your alarm if you need more push to wake up. (Only active while Rise & Shine is open)
• Dark Room mode intuitively adjusts to any light to recognize your smile (Can also toggle manually)
• Suggests optimal sleep times when setting an alarm to wake up most rested.

Unique music brought to you by Nico Audy-Rowland, member of Trocadero and musician for RvB / Red Vs Blue. Thanks Nico!

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Версия 1.0.1

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

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4,0 из 5
Оценок: 4

Оценок: 4

Gamer72RUS ,

Отличное приложение!

Приложение полезное, очень нравится, дарит радость и хорошее настроение с утра! Также, порадовала возможность сделать фото своего пробуждения, а также поделиться им в соц. сетях. Очень был удивлен наличием фоторедактора с очень даже хорошими возможностями! Определенно стоящее приложение:)

VIP-Королева ,


Очень хочу испытать это приложение. Но не могу. Как открываю это приложение выскакивают 3 облачка типо "добро пожаловать!". Внизу есть синяя кнопка на которой написано "try to out",кажется. Нажимаю. После этого у айфона паралич. Вообще кнопки не работают. Не кнопка "home" не кнопка блокировки,не звук,не громкость. Исправьте.
Я с iPhone 4.

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