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Place pins on a worldwide map for each location you want to visit, then see your route. Enter trip details for each location and create a complete trip itinerary.

You can DEMO this app with Road Trip Planner LITE also available at the Mac App Store.

Unlike other trip planning apps, this app has NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES.


- arrival date & time
- departure date & time
- travel time to this location
- time spent at this location
- name of pin (such as John’s house)
- address of pin
- notes and images
- custom pin color and icon (choose from over 90 designs or import your own)
- URL for related information
- URL for related images
- weather reports from NOAA and Wunderground
- nearby web cams
- Flickr photo search
- elevation
- transport type (driving or walking)
- satellite view
- Internet Search results
- list of activities (lodging, sights to see, etc.)
- choose between multiple routes (if available)
- set the route color between pins
- between pins view driving distance, driving time, fuel cost, travel advisories, turn-by-turn driving directions
- import pins from your Contacts (select as many at once as you like)

EACH PIN CAN HAVE MANY ACTIVITIES. For each activity you can record:

- name of activity
- activity date, time and duration
- cost
- phone
- address
- email address
- confirmation number
- notes
- picture

There are two types of pins. Route Pins are used to create the route. POI Pins mark points of interest on the map.

Choose between Apple Maps and OpenStreet Maps.

Choose between driving and walking for each pin. For air and rail routes a straight line can be displayed between pins.

Add, remove or rearrange the pins in any order you wish. Search for places such as restaurants or hotels near each pin. Routes and pins can be sent to Apple Maps.

Each trip can be saved as a separate document. Perfect for anyone who wants to maintain a record of past trips.

PUT YOUR TRIP IN YOUR GPS device. Route pins and routes can be exported as GPX files that can be imported by many Global Positioning System devices.

VIEW YOUR TRIP ON YOUR IPHONE OR IPAD with our Road Trip Planner app for iOS, or use our FREE Road Trip Planner Viewer app. Or use apps that import GPX data, such as our GPX-Viewer app. Multiple sample files are available as well, including an informative Route 66 sample file.

THE ITINERARY HOLDS ALL OF THE DETAILS. Share it and take it with you.
- display the itinerary in a separate window
- save the itinerary to disk or share it easily
- optionally include a map image with pins and routes, activities for each Route Pin, costs for each activity, total fuel cost, total trip cost, information for Points of Interest Pins, and driving instructions

USE THE TO-DO CHECKLIST. Make sure you don’t forget anything.

Import location data from our other map-related apps. For a complete list visit website below.

Development is very active and we have many more features planned. We respond quickly to suggestions and questions in our forum.
PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION OR AN ISSUE. We promise we'll respond as quickly as we can.

For more info, screenshots, videos, and support questions click on the Road Trip Planner support button or visit http://roadtripplanner.modesittsoftware.com

The mapping and routing functionality Road Trip Planner uses is based upon Apple’s maps technology. If Apple Maps cannot find a route between map pins, then neither can Road Trip Planner. Please test the area you wish to travel using Apple’s Maps app to ensure that the area can be routed. If it cannot be routed, please submit the issue to Apple at http://www.apple.com/feedback/maps_mac.html. If Apple Maps cannot perform routing in the area you wish to travel then neither can Road Trip Planner.

Что нового

Версия 4.5.983

Clicking on a route in the route list is now more readable.
Other bug fixes and app enhancements.

Оценки и отзывы

3.5 из 5
Оценок: 2

Оценок: 2

Alexander sash ,

Супер приложение!

Благодаря ему я успешно спланировал путешествие по Италии на месяц! Если бы не приложение, даже не знаю как бы я все рассчитал, чтобы к нужному времени приехать в город, чтобы заселиться в квартире и в нужное время уехать, чтобы не приехать ночью в следующий город, посетив по пути разные достопримечательности! Приложение точно дала рассчитать сколько времени в пути, сколько топлива потрачу, сколько находиться в промежуточных городах или музеях, чтобы успеть приехать в нужное времяв другой город! И конечно же рассчитала сама оптимальный маршрут! Если на пути встречается достопримечательность, точно понимаешь, есть ли лишнее время туда заехать и т.п.! Особенно если путешествуешь с детьми, чтобы не оказаться на улице ночью в разгар сезона, например в Венеции НЕТ мест в гостиницах!

IbragimPupkevich ,

Google maps?

Hi there!

Any chance to get Google Maps as primary maps engine? Default maps are so poor and it makes whole app useless as to plan my trip I really need most detailed map, which will know all small cities, roads and even off-road paths (google maps know this all).

I can’t rate this app higher than 2 due to concern described above, sorry. And honestly speaking I would like to get my money back.



William Modesitt
5.9 МБ

macOS 10.12 и новее, 64-разрядный процессор



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