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RuReal app scans nearly 14 billion images throughout the Internet while millions uploaded daily. If the image has been used more than once somewhere else, this powerful app will show you where it was used from and how many different sites it was used from. For example, if someone you are chatting with has an image in their profile and you want to know if the picture is original or used from a different site, then RuReal app will detect it.
How to use:
Browse through any image, save the image or multiple images to your device, then open RuReal app and search from your saved images. The app does the rest and results are immediate.
Help deter cyberstalking by knowing where they got the fake picture from.
Know if the person you are chatting with is real or not.
If you are buying something from a site and it looks too good to be true then RuReal will detect it.
Use RuReal app for dating sites. Check to see whether the person you are interested in or corresponding with is real.
Parents can help protect their children from misrepresented images that they may believe is suspicious activity by using this app.
If someone that you don’t know sends you scam email promising you millions and uses a picture of a document or their supposed ID, RuReal will show you where they got it from.
The app even detects if the image was altered. For example; if you see an image of someone without a face or color is changed, the app will search the image and find similar images that may have the face, body image and color of that image if it was copied from other websites.
Get RuReal and see what it can do for you!
Note: RuReal will show true results unless the images are original and not used elsewhere.

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Версия 1.1

* Install now and get 20 free searches.
* Critical bug fix and enhance app performance.


Simon Gojcaj
51.8 МБ
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Требуется iOS 8.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.



Возраст: 4+
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