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Shade transforms your device into a professional node-based shader editor. Build stunning, connected shader graphs that render in real time

You'll find full support for keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop, and documentation built right in

Once you're done, export your shader out to Unity 3D or load it straight into Codea. Use them in your games, apps, or anything you make

Put your finger on the glass and start creating


• Connection stacking: no need for explicit arithmetic nodes. Just plug multiple outputs into a single input. Tap to change how they're blended
• Automatic swizzling: connect anything to anything. Shade will figure it out and swizzle your connection. Tap the little circle to re-wire the logic
• Over 100 nodes for building your shaders, tap any node for help
• Live physically-based render preview
• Drag-and-drop images right into your graph
• Full keyboard support
• AR previews, including Face AR for building shaders right on your... face
• Video tutorials

Что нового

Версия 1.0.2

Four New Nodes
• Switch by Face: render different output based on polygon facing... ness
• Blur: a single-pass gaussian blur
• SD Octahedron: a fancy new primitive for your signed distance fields
• Texture Size: does what it says on the box

Five New Examples
• Frost (Intermediate)
• Fire Opal (Advanced)
• Rain (Advanced)
• Lava Flow (Advanced)
• Fractal Raymarch (Galaxy Brain)

New Features
• Properties: view and edit all your published shader properties in a single view

And the Rest
• Graph cycles are detected and removed
• Texture picker inspector now supports receiving an image by drag-and-drop
• Improved undo
• Apple Pencil improvements for UI interaction
• Improved UI animations
• Fixes a bug where the reference documentation could be displayed twice
• Improves graph gesture interactions
• Updates to Swift 5
• Why do we tell you all this stuff


Two Lives Left
255.8 МБ

Требуется iOS 11.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.



Рейтинг 4+
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  1. 14-day Trial
  2. Shade Pro 3 790 р.
  3. Shade Standard 1 190 р.


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