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NOTE: This game requires an iPhone 4s / iPad 2 / iPad Mini 1/ iPod 5 or better.

Build airplanes by snapping parts together, designing wing sections, and attaching engines. At any time, you can strap yourself into the cockpit and see how it flies with realistic physics. If you're not in the mood for building, over 250,000 airplanes are available to download for free.

You have the tools you'll need to bring any airplane to life. Snap parts together to build your airplane's body. Place engines to add thrust. Design and attach wings and then strap yourself into the cockpit and see how it flies.

Over 250,000 airplanes are available to download for free from SimplePlanes.com. Find anything from old WW2 bombers to next-generation fighters to sci-fi spacecraft. You can upload your own airplanes and rise through the ranks from a bronze builder to a gold level builder.

Flight simulation at its finest. Every little change you make in the designer impacts how the airplane flies. Weight distribution, thrust, lift, and drag are all calculated continuously while flying. Parts can break off in spectacular fashion while flying due to over-stress or by hitting something. The fun won't stop there though. You can keep on flying even with a missing wing if you've got the skills.

Use all available parts to build airplanes with no restrictions. The sky is the limit. Literally.

Climb into the cockpit of one of your custom aircraft and see how it does in the challenges. Land on aircraft carriers, dodge surface-to-air missiles, race through courses, and so much more.

Tutorials will help players learn the basics of real airplane design and the considerations that need to be taken when airplanes are made.

Что нового

Версия 1.9.100

* Added new Tank Cannon part.
- Several customizable properties such as Caliber, Barrel Length, Muzzle Brake, Recoil, Projectile Velocity, and a whole bunch more.
* Added new stock craft: Jackhammer, an Armored Personnel Carrier, created by @EternalDarkness.
* Bundled Fine Tuner and Overload mods with the game.
* Nicky integrated his Advanced Targeting and Designer Suite mods into the game.
* Advanced Targeting
- Displays trajectory line and impact point for bombs and the new tank cannon
- Includes a Predictor quality setting for low-end devices
* Designer Suite
- Attachment Editor - Manually add or remove connections between parts.
- Blueprints panel - Overlay a reference image in the background of the designer.
- Orthographic View
- X-Ray Vision
* Added support for switching between Metric, Imperial, and Nautical unit systems.

* Added Ground Speed, Indicated Air Speed, and True Air Speed modes.
* Added weapon naming and multirole weapons.
* Added sliders for Metallic and Smoothness to paint flyout.
* Added hex color textbox to paint flyout.
* Upgraded to Unity 2018.4.
* Added support for the Dev console on mobile (tap settings header x5 to activate and then 3-finger tap to open).

Оценки и отзывы

4.6 из 5
Оценок: 47

Оценок: 47

Любитель пострелять ,

Отличная игра!

That’s a really nice game and it worths a few dollars spent on it, but as for me one thing is missing- the bombing scope! Bombing is really hard when you don’t know where the bomb will fall. Can you, please add it?

дадлоцуапоцпуа ,

Крутая игра!!!👍👍👍

Игра понравилась! За все время игры не нашёл ни одного бага. Пожалуйста добавьте карьерный режим (как в Stormworks (места для перевозки людей и грузов)) и русский. Спасибо что делаете такие крутые игры!

gamer#23758 ,


add fire please


Jundroo, LLC
370.9 МБ

Требуется iOS 9.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.



379 р.


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