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Simply NFC is the most powerful, simple, and accessible NFC writer/reader available. Simply tap the “Read NFC” button to start scanning for NFC tags and then place the back of your phone to the tag. It’s that simple! No external hardware required! The tag content will be read, stored in your history, and opened automatically on the device with the appropriate app or function. With configured tags, you can even trigger HomeKit scenes that were preconfigured in the Home app! Better yet, the app has full voice over accessibility support!

On devices using iOS 13, you will be able to write to NFC tags as well! We support writing all the same tag types we support for reading such as text, HomeKit, URL, and more!

Have a bunch of tags? Enable Multi-Scan mode and scan all of them in one session to view all the results at once.

One can also export the scanned history to txt tab delimited, csv comma delimited, or csv tab delimited files. Useful for tracking events!

Want to ask Siri to start scanning a tag? iOS 12 users now have access to Siri Shortcuts to have Siri scan a single or multiple tags.

Want a widget or iMessage extension? Simply NFC has a widget which allows quick access to scanning tags and viewing your history and an iMessage extension which allows easy sharing of your history.

Simply NFC supports the following tag content:
-Text Content: View whatever text is on the tag.
-URL Content: Opens the URL in your web browser to navigate to webpages using http or https or even other URL types such as file://.
-vCard Contact Content – If you have contact information in the vCard format, the contact import window will appear with the contact information prefilled. You can then choose to modify any content and then add the contact.
-SMS Content: Opens an SMS window prefilled in with the tag content such as number and message. You can then choose to add more or send the SMS.
-Email Content. Open an email window prefilled in with the tag content such as subject and body. You can then choose to add more to the email or send the email.
-Telephone Content: Brings up the option to call the provided number.
-App Launching Content: Certain apps contain Uri schemes to open them. Scanning a tag containing this Uri will open that app. Simply NFC also has a Uri scheme “simplynfc://”!
-Location Content: Tags with coordinates will display the coordinate on a map.
-HomeKit Scene Content: Trigger the HomeKit scene that is written on the tag. HomeKit scenes must be preconfigured inside of the Home app.
-Wifi Configuration Content: Scan a Wifi configuration tag to have your device connect to the network provided in the tag.
HomeKit scenes can be triggered by any tags written with the URL “https://lakesidellama.com/app?hk=SCENE_NAME”. The scene name entered here will be triggered when the tag is scanned. These tags can also be scanned in the background on devices that support background NFC tag reading (iPhone XS and above).

One can also trigger the NFC scanner on their phone remotely by using the Apple Watch app!

We love to hear from our customers so feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, issues, bugs, suggestions, etc. If you have any new features you would like to see, feel free to let us know.

*Note: NFC Scanning is only supported on iPhone 7 and above. NFC Writing is only supported on iOS 13 and above.*

Developer Information
Simply NFC can be accessed via a Uri scheme (simplynfc://reader, simplynfc://scan, simplynfc://multiscan) as well. If you need to scan on your app or website, you can redirect to us passing a callback parameter, and we will pass the next scanned content back to your app or website. You can use this to integrate Simply NFC tag scanning into your app or website.

Simply NFC also allows one to setup the app to have every scan send the scanned content to your own web server. This allows one to integrate NFC scanning with your web service.

Что нового

Версия 2.07

Version 2.07 Changes
-Made some changes to in app purchase to help when the app is forced closed during a purchase.
-Added the currency symbol to the in app purchase price.
-Fixed the display of the write page for iPhone 7 and 8.

Know Bug:
-Wifi tags currently only work if read and written using Simply NFC. We are making changes to make this work with different ecosystems in a coming update.

Previous Changes
-Added support for Shortcut, FaceTime, FaceTime Audio, URI, HomeKit Accessory Setup, and Apple Maps tags to be written. All of the mentioned tags support background NFC reading.
-Fixed issues with Tel, SMS, and Mailto tags not being read with background scanning. They will now work.
-Fixed issue with contact cards not being read on different ecosystems.
-Fixed issue with location tag not being read on different ecosystems.
-Added haptic feedback on some buttons.
-Added the ability to erase a tag.
-iOS 13 Users will be able to write to NFC tags!
-Write NFC NDEF messages for text, URI, HomeKit, SMS, Telephone, Email, Location, Wifi, and Contact tag types.
-Added ability to lock the NFC tag to make it read only…. WARNING this cannot be undone.
-Fixed an issue that caused the Apple Watch App to crash the parent app when used.
-Added support for universal links for Homekit tags. This will allow you to scan the Homekit tag without Simply NFC being open on devices that support background NFC tag reading such as the iPhone XS. To use, simply write a tag in the format "https://lakesidellama.com/app?hk=SCENE_NAME" where SCENE_NAME is the name of the Homekit scene you want to run.
-Added rewarded videos ads as an option to unlock the pro version without paying for the in app purchase. To unlock the pro version, simply watch two rewarded ads per day for 7 days total! You will then have access to the pro version with no ads! Any additional watched ads at this point is considered a donation and is greatly appreciated as it helps support the app.
-Added Voice Over Accessibility Support to better read what is on the screen. This was suggested in a review.
-Added Siri Shortcut manual add screens to the settings menu. This will allow you to manually configure Siri shortcuts for scanning single or multiple tags. Siri shortcuts are only available on iOS 12 and above.
-NEW! iPhone XS and XS Max can now perform background NFC scanning. Simply unlock your phone and press it to the tag to perform a scan! Only works with mail, sms, phone, url tags, and properly formatted Simply NFC Homekit Tags.

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Оценок: 21

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Не работает

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Mifare ultralight not work

Is it supported?

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