Solitaire Golden Prairies 17+

Карточные игры: Паук, Косынк‪а‬

Kosmos Games Ltd

Разработано для iPad

    • 4,8 • Оценок: 45
    • Бесплатно
    • Включает встроенные покупки

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Howdy, Partner! Come over and take a break with Solitaire Farm Game!
Start your exciting Tripeaks Solitaire Adventure today, enjoy!

Discover an amazing world of flick solitaire mixed with the finest harvest and the most beautiful scenery. Your digital farm journey begins in 1, 2, 3! Take your cards and seeds and get a wiggle on to the sweeping prairies of the greatest outdoors. Solve the puzzles, win games and prizes, and build your very own ace-high farm with friends.

Tell others your personal solitaire story, create a farm collection and build a card pyramid.

Why people like this Solitaire Tripeaks Journey the most:

- New rules added to classic pyramid Solitaire! It's addicting, easy to learn, yet offers new challenges every time you play.
- No Wi-fi connection is needed. Play our free tripeaks solitaire anywhere you go.
- Start your farm adventure, raise adorable animals, plant seeds and see it thrive!
- Play for free - harvest all the delicious crops you grow to raise money every hour.
- Relax and have a break! Colorful and peaceful graphics, gorgeous views of nature.
- Hours of fun with aces and kings for all ages!

Fans of Klondike, Pyramid, FreeCell, Tri-peaks or Spider card games, will relish the magic solitaire adventure waiting just around the riverbend in Golden Prairies. If you love card solitaire, you'll adore this amazing game!

Have fun flipping cards, furrowing fields and feeding your farm animals to keep the coins jingling in from every grand harvest while you sweep across spectacular prairies. Horizon-ho!

This fresh take on tri peaks is fun and free. Enjoy countless games of solitaire as you flip card after card to win prize after prize. Winning games helps your farm flourish, and a prosperous farm means lots of shiny silver coins to keep those wagon wheels rolling across the Prairies!

Take the next step in the saga of spider and tripeaks solitaire. Take a step out onto the Golden Prairies!

Love bonuses? Spin the big wheel for a chance to win bountiful prizes! Enter the 3 card solitaire game every day to collect daily rewards. Keep the boosters and extra coins flowing in.
Clucking hens and lowing cows will keep you company as you lay down card after card. Test your solitaire skills on our puzzles while your crops ripen and your farm thrives.
There's nothing grander than the sweeping prairies. A handful of seeds and a heartful of deeds will take you and cards far across the open plains, flipping cards to relax, and solving tricky puzzles for the love of the challenge. It’s time to say “I found my favorite solitaire game!”

Your friend is late and you have nothing to do? Tripeaks solitare will help you spend time productively. Just start the level and flip the cards in the best salitare game ever.

Что нового

Версия 0.140.22

New feature: Treasure Mine!
- Offering free gold and boosters for a limited time. Don't miss out!

Оценки и отзывы

4,8 из 5
Оценок: 45

Оценок: 45

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Jesus-man ,

Good game!

Cool animations, nice music and very relaxing solitaire)

hsbshekebeniw ,


Из 20 уровней не пройдено ни одного ,часто остаётся одна - две карты ,то есть без дополнительных карт не обойтись ,соответственно приходится смотреть видео
Итого минус 70000 монет и ни единого пройденного уровня
Кажется так быть не должно ,надеюсь исправится . А так ,всё хорошо играть интересно ,если бы не проблема указанная выше

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