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An application that helps to every farmer to choose right pesticide nozzle. After choosing the right nozzle type, you just need to set up your main values and app will calibrating other sprayer values for you.

If you need to be sure regarding spraying rate, right pressure or tractor speed - leave it to us. App keeps a track on pesticide flow rate in real-time while you driving the field.

*Before using real time tracking, be sure your devices GPS accuracy is good or use external GPS receiver to increase it.

The app includes a feature that allows the user to quickly set a required pressure and speed of the tractor. Also, it's a great help when setting distance between nozzles or choosing them. Information like spraying per minute or in hectare / acre is easily obtainable.

From now on nozzle calibration will take only a few seconds and real-time tracking won't let get over set boundaries and amounts.

Configured settings:
- Sprayer type
- Distance between nozzles
- Sprayer pressure
- Spraying speed
- Amount of liquid sprayed (ha/acre)
- Amount of liquid sprayed (minute)

All farmers, agronomists agriculture equipment engineers are welcome to try our new app. Feel free to write any feedback about our farming app.

If you want to use all precision farming tools to increase the sprayer working speed and whole farming activities use our farming apps.

The whole Farmis group are consists of few farming productivity apps:

- Field Area Measure - https://apple.co/34pCu79

- Commodity price - https://apple.co/3fW0PqN

- Agrobase, catalog for crop weed, disease, insect - https://apple.co/3fW2Mn7

If your farm owns any of old pesticide sprayer like amazone, hardi, rau, kverneland, horsch, lemken, matrot, mazzotti, vicon, challenger, knight, john deere, caffini, danfoil, dammann, tecnoma, evrard, agrifac, evrard, berthoud, kuhn, gaspardo or any other less known pesticide sprayers without computer control, without possibility to set accurate spraying rate, you can find a lot of help in this farming app which helps to calibrate your sprayer before driving to the fields or even while doing herbicide, pesticide, insecticide real time spraying over your crops.

Use this sprayer calibration app and spray your wheat, soybean, crop, vegetable, potato, rapeseed and other fields being sure about right spraying rate.

Mixing pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides) you will need deep knowledge about farming pesticides, that's why we are offering to try biggest crop protection product catalog with lots of weeds, insects, diseases in one place. No matter you are using Adama, Bayer, Basf, DuPoint, DownAgro, Monsanto, Chemchaina, Syngenta, Nufarm or other pesticides, you can calibrate your sprayer just in minutes of time. Calibrate your sprayer and guide field tram lines like never before.

- Variable rate map for fertilizing and spraying
- Sprayer tank mixing
- Nozzle types like flat nozzles or direct inject nozzles
- Possibility to choose Lechler, Hardi, TeeJet Air Induction Broadcast Spray Nozzles, Turbo TeeJet Wide Angle Broadcast Spray Nozzles

Что нового

Версия 1.1.0

Bug fixes and UI improvements.

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2,8 из 5
Оценок: 4

Оценок: 4

polyakovalex2020 ,

Tank mix plan ?!

Tank mix plan ?!

денис фермер ,


Не правильно показывает потому что не получается задать параметры штанги опрыскивателя!

Ответ разработчика ,

Hello, please contact us if you are having any problems via email fieldsareaspray@gmail.com, we would like to know what kind of problems you had with our app and how we can help you.

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