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View HTML source code plus CSS, Javascript and Image Asset Browser!

Srcfari allows website owners, web developers & curious people to instantly view the source code and assets of any website on the internet.

A must-have app for every web developer's mobile toolbox.


Instantly view any website's source code from your iPhone or iPad.

• One-tap source viewer
• Full syntax highlighting.
• Keyword search source code.
• Full built-in browser & web search
• Clean, simple and easy to use interface


Easily view any website's styles, scripts and image assets with Srcfari's built-in asset browser.

• CSS stylesheets
• JavaScripts & jQuery plugins
• JPG, PNG, GIF and SVG images


View the source of any website directly inside Safari or Chrome. Look out for 'Source Code' extension in the actions menu.


Srcfari allows you to perform a useful range of actions on the source code and site assets.

• View, browse & zoom
• Copy source code to clipboard
• Send source code via email
• View & save image assets
• Clipboard URL detection
• Open in Safari, Chrome or Opera


You can contact us directly from within the app if you have any questions or feedback. Otherwise email us at

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Версия 1.5

NEW FEATURE - Search & Highlight source code for keywords

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3,0 из 5
Оценок: 2

Оценок: 2

snusmumric ,

Good start

Thank you for the quite good source viewer!

Please fix these:
1. Add the font size and font family selectors (from the fonts installed in system via FondFont or AnyFont).
2. Add the Word Wrap toggle. It is too hard to read code by now.
3. Add the color schemes like those in Sublime Text, TextWrangler, Textastic et cetera.
4. Add the Open in browser switch for opening in various browsers installed, like UC, Dolphin, Sleipnir and others.
5. Add the character set switch.
6. Add Inspect element context menu item for page like it's done in Firefox and Safari and WebKit-based browsers. I guess it turns to a lot of work, and if so, please ignore this request.
7. Add the system menu for Open in…
8. Add the simple bookmarks.
9. Add support for bookmarklets: the small pieces of JavaScript in URLs with javascript: protocol which run in the document context. This is already done in iOS Safari and Sleipnir, for instance.
10. I think you will add the Open in… extensions for the apps (top) line and services (bottom) line.
11. Please add code color highlight for CSS and JavaScript.

Thank you in advance!

Alexander sash ,

перестал работать с кодом инстаграм

не распознает фото инстаграма и в исходном коде тоже не найти код на фото. использовал для сохранения оригинала фото инстаграм.

Ответ разработчика ,

Hi, sorry you’ve had issues. Please send us details of the crash and we will fix it.


Now it’s working

Thanks now it working. But all code inline... do it please with carry and maybe with syntax’s

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