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Textastic is a comprehensive and versatile text and code editor for iPad and iPhone. It supports syntax highlighting of more than 80 programming and markup languages. Connect to SFTP, FTP, and WebDAV servers or to your Dropbox account. Use the built-in SSH terminal to work directly on your server.

• Syntax highlighting of more than 80 languages: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, C++, Swift, Objective-C, Rust, XML, Markdown, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Lua, YAML, JSON, SQL, shell scripts and many more (full list available on the website)
• Compatible with Sublime Text 3 and TextMate 1 syntax definitions and themes
• Code completion for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, Objective-C, and PHP
• SFTP (SSH connection), FTP, FTPS (FTP over SSL), WebDAV and Dropbox clients
• SSH terminal connections
• Git repositories from the Git client app Working Copy can be opened as external folders in Textastic
• Emmet support
• JavaScript console
• iCloud Drive file synchronization
• WebDAV server to easily transfer files from your Mac or PC over Wi-Fi.
• Symbol list to quickly navigate in a file
• Full support for external keyboards, trackpads, and mice
• Configurable keyboard shortcuts
• Displays additional keys over the virtual keyboard to make it easy to type characters often used for programming
• Cursor navigation wheel for easy text selection
• Easily move the cursor using swipe gestures
• Split View and Slide Over multitasking on iPad
• Open multiple files in tabs
• Multiple Windows on iPadOS
• Support for Dark Mode
• Supports most encodings like UTF-8, UTF-16, and ISO-8859-1
• Supports different tab widths and soft tabs (spaces instead of tabs)
• Custom fonts
• Find & Replace (including regular expression search)
• Find in multiple files
• File information like character count and word count
• Local and remote web preview for HTML and Markdown files

Don't hesitate to tell me the features you want to see in the next version!


Что нового

Версия 10.3.2

- The font "System (SF Mono)" can now be selected in the code editor and SSH terminal settings.
- You can now add Dropbox folders that are available in the Files app as external folders to Textastic! There has been a recent update to the Dropbox app so that it is now possible to open entire folders and not just individual files with the iOS file picker.
- Improved the folder selection to work much better with external folders that need to retrieve information from a server (like Dropbox and Secure ShellFish).
- Added two new FTPS settings: you can now set the minimum and maximum TLS version to be used when connecting to FTPS servers. More information below.
- The names in the FTP settings have been updated to use the term "TLS" instead of "SSL".
- The web preview now supports landscape orientation on all iPhone models.
- Fixed: When using an external keyboard on iPhone, the additional keys above the on-screen keyboard now avoid the home indicator area.
- Fixed: Bold, italicized text (e.g. in Markdown) was displayed either in bold or italics, but not both at the same time.
- Fixed: Some files (including TypeScript files) did not open in the editor in Textastic 10.3.
- Other minor improvements.

Additional information on why the FTPS settings for the minimum and maximum TLS version were added:

Textastic uses libcurl to transfer files to FTPS servers. On some FTPS servers, uploading a file with curl when using TLS 1.3, if the file is larger than about 18 KB, may result in a "partial upload" error and a 0-byte file on the server.

To work around this partial file upload issue, you can reduce the maximum TLS version to 1.2.

Note: This is only relevant for FTPS connections. SFTP connections are not affected.

This issue has also been reported to the curl project and will hopefully be fixed in a future update of the library. In the meantime, you can use this workaround.

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Оценок: 126

Kepuk ,

Оно работает

Жму крепко руку разработчику. Доволен прогой, юзал в самолете на стареньком IPADе втором, проблем нет. Не так давно верстаю, минусов для себя не нашёл, посмотрим как дальше.

100 years of solitude ,

Зато есть темная тема

Не могут несколько лет добавить автозакрытие кавычек, но зато есть тёмная тема 👎🤦‍♂️

wenred_ ,

Not fully functional ftp manager

Everything is fine in this application, but the FTP manager does not allow you to edit the code directly on the server, this is a huge disadvantage. Developers, please implement this feature.

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Сбор данных не ведется

Разработчик не ведет сбор данных в этом приложении.

Конфиденциальные данные могут использоваться по-разному в зависимости от вашего возраста, задействованных функций или других факторов. Подробнее


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