The Minims - A New Beginning 4+

Andreas Diktyopoulos

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The Minims is a game about a personal journey of an endearing creature of the Minim species. In the game, the player must use logic, collect important items, and solve puzzles in order to guide Mii in his search to find his life partner Mo. Tracing her steps he embarks on a journey which becomes a self-seeking exploration regarding life choices and personal values. With its imaginative artwork, its compelling story and it's relaxing tempo, it introduces the player to a quirky and serene universe. | Review | 24.03.16
My first look indicated it was quirky, serene and a delightful pleasure. I have to say it stayed like that all the way through. | Review by Dakota Johnson | 28.03.16
Except for a few shortcomings I was very surprised with The Minims. This being such a small project I've found a lot more fun and joy in it than a lot of the bigger games. | Review by Alessandro Palladino | 30.03.16
The Minims is anything but childish, in fact, the journey in search of Mo will become a sort of reflexive enterprise regarding issues such as the search for identity, life choices and the most important values, making it effectively a kind of “epic” journey to discover what it means to be Mii, or themselves.

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