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What happens when you can see time? Stress-free productivity. Turn your smartphone or smartwatch into a fun and easy visual timer.

The Timer Timer app features an iconic red disk that disappears as the seconds go by. Perfect for school, work, home or gym. It makes time make sense.

Start improving your time management skills with one simple swipe of your finger or twist of the Apple Watch’s digital crown. That’s all it takes to set the length of your timer; then hit play to start the visual countdown.

Time Timer® is the ORIGINAL timer to turn the passage of time into something visual and concrete.

Increase focus and change your life at …

WORK – Get more done with this ultimate productivity boost. Run effective meetings and brainstorming sessions. Leverage Time Timer as a tool for design sprints or lean innovation.

SCHOOL – Help students see and understand the passage of time. Manage transitions successfully. Break big tasks down into smaller, more manageable pieces. Give older students a tool to manage their workload.

HOME – Empower your kids to manage their routines and cut down on the constant, “How much longer?” Now they’ll see when play time is over. And know what it means when you say “10 minutes until bed time.”

Or manage everyday adult tasks like cooking, cleaning and yard work.

SPECIAL NEEDS – ADHD. Autism. Learning disabilities. Senior care. Physical or occupational therapy. Dyslexia. Turn to Time Timer to ease transitions, establish routines and encourage more independence for kids and adults.

GYM – Clocks are boring. Stay motivated as every step on the treadmill or stair climber makes the disk disappear. Or set up repeating Timers perfect for interval training.

Ready to take charge of your time? Download Time Timer today.


-Edison Award for Innovation Winner (Productivity Category)
-Featured in Better Homes & Gardens and The Huffington Post

“Since using the Time Timer, my meetings have never been more efficient or effective. People actually want to attend because I don't waste their time.”

“I have been using your Time Timer software for several years when administering science labs, SAT testing, timed classroom presentations, etc. Both teachers and students find it easy to use and view. A great professional tool for classroom use.”


Apple Watch
-Set and run single or repeating timers
-Adjust the timer disk to represent custom time periods
-Vibration and sound signal end of timer

Full Smartphone App
-Save and reuse Timers
-Change colors and sounds to suit your mood or preference
-Set repeating Timers; up to 99 consecutive Timers on a single play
-Adjust the timer disk to represent anywhere from 1 second to 99 hours
-Already use the original Time Timer? Default to the same red disk and 60-minute time scale
-Display Timers on TV monitors or interactive whiteboards with AirPlay
-View the timer vertically or horizontally as you change the direction of your device
-Turn on “awake mode” to keep your device from going to sleep while the app is open
-Volume purchase program.



Time Timer LLC creates a whole range of award-winning Timers, including a line of physical Timers to set on your desk or kitchen countertop. With a 20-year track record, the company focuses on helping everyone measure and manage time more effectively.

Questions? support@timetimer.com

Find more Time Timer products at http://timetimer.com

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- Updated the support url

Оценки и отзывы

4,8 из 5
Оценок: 99

Оценок: 99

Luanea ,

Удобно, что можно менять цвет циферблата

Thanks for the app! The green color on watch is better, than red.
It is more calm, and for eyes and for brain this color is best.

Ответ разработчика ,

Thank you for your review! We are happy to hear you are taking advantages of the color options for the disk!

AlimS. ,

I can’t change language in app.

I really like this one. But after downloading, it is German. I want to use this app in English.
It will be great, if you add Russian but it’a only in my wishes

Ответ разработчика ,

Hello and thank you for your review! You should be seeing only the English version on this App, unless maybe your settings are in German. If you want to email us at support@timetimer.com, we can further assist you. Thank you!

Valdai ,

Где секунды?!

Необходима возможность выставлять секунды, далеко не всё исчисляется только в минутах!

Ответ разработчика ,

Thank you for your review. Please go into the CUSTOM TIMER settings to set your Seconds. If you have further questions, contact us at support@timetimer.com.

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