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Every once in a while you decide to start a new project or enterprise, it could be something as complex as creating your own company, or as simple as making dinner for a special evening.

It doesn't matter the complexity of your plan, it can always be divided, in fact, you would like to divide it, as it is a lot easier to keep measure and track the progress made if this is not only 1 component, but rather a system of many organically dependent components.

Of course, by dividing your project into multiple tasks or steps necessary for the success of it you will find a new obstacle, as organising one task at a time is already complicated, imagine organising 10, or 1000.

Moreover, you can be wondering why should you worry about 10 tasks at all when you can in fact only focus your work one task at a time, and is not possible to work on the next one until the first one is completed.

Velvet Room makes allusion to a place between dream and reality, mind a matter. That is, your subconscious. As a human being your subconsciousness has its own limitations as it is easy to forget things. In order to overcome this limitation Velvet Room devices as an extension of this subconscious, you don't have to remember all the tasks you need to do, Velvet Room will do it for you, just focus on one single job at a time.

Velvet Room uses kanban to help you leverage the tasks and organisation needed to achieve your endeavours.

Kanban is a system based on Just In Time production or management, where you only start a new task "just in time", that is, only as soon as the previous task is done.

In kanban the workflow runs backwards, starting from what you have already finished or "Done", which of course at the beginning might be empty.
From there you look back into what you are currently focusing on, or in "Progress".
If there is nothing currently in progress you look back again into what needs to be done, that is the "Backlog", also known as "To Do".
From the backlog you select the first task, move it forward to in progress and start working on it, once this tasks is finished you move it forward again to done and start again.

Ideal for project management, to do lists, shopping lists, reminders, etc.

Just in Time was created by Taiichi Ohno, he was also the first one to implement kanban for managing projects.

Velvet Room and subconsciousness extension are based on the ideas by Carl Jung.

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Версия 406

- Fixed issue when sharing boards.

Get ready to extend your subconscious with Velvet Room.


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