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Quickly and easily perform precision horizontal and vertical shaft alignment with your iOS device.

Base kit:

- The 9-12-3 clock method is the basic method for taking measurements;

- Take measurements at any three positions of the shaft rotation with at least 40 degrees total rotation.;

- Measure and align vertical and flange drive machines;

- Soft-Foot check option;

- The optical averaging filter reduces the influence of external visual challenges such as lighting, steam, and other visually impairing variables while taking measurements;

- Thermal growth calculation of machines.

Advanced features:

- SMARTSPIN™. The measured values are automatically recorded during shaft rotation. With hundreds of points registered, you can start measuring at any shaft position.

- SMARTPOINTS™. This multipoint method allows you to record an unlimited number of points at any point in the shaft rotation.

- SELECT COUPLING TYPE. This option allows you to specify the coupling type used for shaft connection – i.e., short, flex, or spacer shaft.

- CARDAN/OFFSET MOUNTED MACHINES. This option is specially designed for alignment of cardan and offset mounted machines. You will need an additional Cardan bracket kit for this feature.

- MACHINE TRAIN. Enable this option and align shafts of up to five machines that are connected together.

This software is designed to work with VIBRO-LASER measuring units with firmware version 3.7.4. If the version of the measuring units is lower than the installed one, please contact distributor in your region.

Что нового

Версия 2.3.62

-- bluetooth connection issues fixed for units above 4.0.12 version
-- minor fixes

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5,0 из 5
Оценок: 2

Оценок: 2

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