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ViCare - the best way to connect to your Viessmann heating system.

New possibilities to control your heating system via the Internet offers the ViCare app. With the simple graphical user interface of ViCare, the operation of the heating system is very intuitive.

Feel secure
Warmth and reassurance in one

● In one view, get an instant check if everything is in order
● Access to your preferred installer - quickly and easily

Save costs
Set your preferred room temperature and save money when you’re away from home

● Simple, convenient operation of your heating system
● Store daily schedules and automatically save energy costs
● Set basic functions at the touch of a button on your smartphone

Peace of mind
A direct connection to a professional you trust

● Simply enter the contact details of your preferred installer or professional servicer
● Fast and effective help - the installer has all the important information he needs
● Spend less time worrying about safety and maintenance

Core functions:
● Displaying the status of your heating
● Capability to set up the most important functions of your heating system
● Store your daily routine to automatically save energy costs
● View outside temperature history
● Send a service request to your trusted installer
● Shortcuts e.g.: I want hot water or I’m away
● ViCare Smart Room Control
● Amazon Alexa: Control heating simply with your voice
● Holiday program

Please note: We publish the functions gradually! You can expect several small updates in the next weeks and months. There will be always something new to discover.

Comments or feedback?
Share your thoughts with us and other users in our Viessmann Community!

Join beta testers community
Do you like testing new features? Do you want to help us improve ViCare? Join our beta testers community! The beta version of the app may not be as stable as the one available to all users. The application may freeze occasionally, or some features may not work as expected.
Go to: https://testflight.apple.com/join/M6UzaBl3 and sign up to beta tests.

The ViCare app can be used in conjunction with an Internet-compatible Viessmann heating system or in conjunction with the Viessmann Vitoconnect WLAN module or a Viessmann heating system with an integrated Internet interface.

Terms of use (Great Britain):

Что нового

Версия 3.5.0

Thank you for using the ViCare app.
In this version we have fixed some bugs and improved things so that the app runs smoothly at all times.
Apart from that, this update is less about cosmetics and more about the inner values. #WeCare

Оценки и отзывы

4.4 из 5
Оценок: 128

Оценок: 128

krivool ,

Two issues

1. Application doesn’t send the notifications about alarms, which heating system sends. All alarms are kept inside the application, so you should open it to view the alarms, but you don’t see it outside, in the notifications section or your smartphone. 2. There is no possibility to restart remotely your heating system. So, in case of error, you must go to the place where heating system is installed, and manually switch off/switch on the heating system. I faced it two times already and fixed the error by such simple restart of heating system - why don’t allow to do it remotely via ViCare?

Kuznetsoff_andrey ,

Vitopend 100W 2019

Do you plan to make changes in the software to change hot water temperature or static value of 40 degrees will not be changed further?

Ответ разработчика ,

Hello Kuznetsoff Andrey! Please contact the installer of your heating appliance. He's responsible for setting min/max temperature limit for 40* and can change that for you. #WeCare

Nort_36 ,

После последнего обновления

После последнего обновления, связь с котлом стала пропадать, а сейчас уже третий день связи нет вообще с котлом!!!

Ответ разработчика ,

We would like to take a closer look, analyze it and find a solution for you! Please send us an email with a short description or photos / screenshots and the serial number of Vitoconnect to customer-care+Nort_36@viessmann.com We apologize for any inconvenience, Nort_36! #WeCare

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  • Диагностика

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