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Videoindex scans your video files library by recognizing all objects to find the right video snippet in the future by typing the object name in the search box. For example, this can help you for video editing to quickly find a video you need or a specific file to view.

To get started with Videoindex, specify a folder with videos or add single files to scan in the Indexation window, and then click Start.
Upon the indexation, you will see a check mark next to each folder you added. This means that all files in this directory are indexed.
Type a keyword in the Search window to search (proceeds while you type in the characters). You can see the found files in the file system by clicking Reveal File. You can also play any file starting from a snippet where the search object is found. The entire list of files found can be exported to the XML format for further import into the video editing app. Eventually, all the files will be placed in the sequence starting from the right time points. In this way, you'll save a tremendous amount of time searching for shots in source files!

Using Core ML machine learning models

Core ML machine-learned models are used to recognize video objects. The app comes with two YOLOv3 and Resnet50 models. You can use them together and individually, as well as your own Core ML model files. To manage the models, open the settings window with three slots for model uploading. The first slot is for the YOLOv3 model which supports the display of BoundingBox of recognized objects during scanning. The second slot is for the Resnet50 model, and the third slot is available for uploading your own Core ML model files.

Automatic tracking of changes in your video library

Videoindex will track the status of the directories you have added for scanning. That is, if you delete or add files to the folder listed in the program, these changes will be saved in the Videoindex database upon the next start. If new files appear, the status of the scanned folder will change to "Not yet scanned", and you can scan for new video files.

Background scanning

Scanning can take long depending on the size and number of your videos. You can hide Videoindex windows in the app during scanning with a menu item at the top of your MacOS desktop settings. You can also use the app's autorun feature after system boot. To do this, use the appropriate menu item in the Videoindex settings window.

Tips for setting up Videoindex for quick work.

Different Core ML models work at different speeds. For a quicker scan, use only the Resnet50 model, unchecking the YOLOv3 model and select checkbox the Resnet50 model in the settings. Also you can use the 3-second frame scanning interval.
The app features an option to change the object recognition percentage to record them into the database. This will reduce the database size, thus increasing the speed for the future object search.

Что нового

Версия 1.4

At the request of users, a window was added with a list of found object names.
The Words list window is available from the main menu

Аdded stability

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Оценок: 3

Оценок: 3

аст178 ,


It really helps to save time on video editing! Good app

Atamanov ,

Add index database

Please add an index database (list of words) to see what the app found. At the moment, it is not clear which request I can specify. This will be convenient for long unknown sources. (Пожалуйста, добавьте индексную базу данных (список слов), чтобы увидеть, что приложение нашло. В настоящий момент не понятно, какой запрос я могу указать. Это будет удобно для длинных неизвестных исходников.)

Ответ разработчика ,

We have implemented this feature especially for you!) In 1.4 version the Words list window is available in the top menu.
Специально для вас мы внедрили эту функцию!) В версии 1.4 окно Words list доступно в главном меню

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