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After five years on iOS, Wine Maps for the Mac desktop is finally here. Giving you easy access to print, or export maps as images. Great for use in documents, presentations and more!

Wine Maps provides a handy visual reference, for the wine regions in twenty three countries around the world. Its a great tool for anyone looking to learn more about the world of wine, and even better for those looking for maps to study from. Its perfect for those teaching others about wine.

Wine Maps focuses exclusively on mapping the wine regions of the world. It is NOT an encyclopaedia of wine, and does not give any textual definitions or comment. Wine Maps is a purely visual reference. Note that individual vineyards do not appear on the maps. There's just too many of them!

Copyright has been simplified with the use of standard Creative Commons licences. These allow you to freely share and adapt the maps, provided they are attributed. Please note that to use the maps commercially, you must purchase a subscription to Wine Maps Pro. This is available as an in-app purchase, more details are provided in the section below.

The tenth release provides 123 maps, and is also available as an iOS app.

Wine Maps Pro:
This in-app purchase is a one off purchase. It costs $17.99 USD, or £14.99 GBP.

Wine Maps Pro grants you the rights to use generated images for commercial uses. Please see the bottom of the description for licence information. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

Feature Summary:
- 123 maps in this latest release.
- Save your window settings, for later use as a .winemap file
- Easy to export maps as images (TIFF, PNG, JPG). For use in documents, presentations and more!
- Copyright simplified, with standard Creative Commons licences.
- Maps can be printed directly from the app, ready scaled for any paper size or orientation.
- Edit maps, to highlight or even hide particular regions. Alternatively hide rivers or towns and cities.
- Search the maps to find a particular region of interest.
- One off purchase for personal use. For commercial users, a second in-app purchase of Wine Maps Pro may be required for commercial licensing of the maps.
- Wine Maps Pro users can bulk export all maps

What regions are included?
- Overall World Map
- Overall Europe Map
- Central and Eastern Europe Map

Old World - 15 Countries, and 61 Regions:

- Austria
- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Czech Republic
- France
(with fifteen main subregions, and further sub-subregions. Eleven from Bordeaux and six from Burgundy),
- Germany
- Greece
- Hungary
- Italy
(with nineteen subregions)
- Moldova
- Portugal
- Romania
- Spain
(with ten subregions)
- Slovenia
- Switzerland

New World - 8 Countries, and 36 Regions:

- Argentina
- Australia
(with four subregions),
- Canada
(with subregion Ontario)
- Chile
- Mexico
- New Zealand
- South Africa
(with subregions of sixteen states, and fifteen subregions of California)

Image Copyright
All images generated using Wine Maps are issued under the "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License".

If you have purchased Wine Maps Pro. All images generated are issued under the "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License".

By purchasing Wine Maps, or Wine Maps Pro; you agree to adhere to the terms of the licence, which is appropriate to your subscription.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Что нового

Версия 2.0

- Significant re-write under the hood, to deliver better performance
- Support for dark mode
- Maps can now be saved into the new .winemap format. This allows you to keep your screen configuration for later.
- Updated the map of Austria, with the new Rosalia DAC and Vulkanland Steiermark (formerly Südoststeiermark)
- A new map of Southern California in the USA has been added.
- A new option allows you to show and hide surrounding wine regions on certain maps
- A new feature in the toolbar allows you to extract a list of wine regions as text
- A bulk map export feature has been added for Wine Maps Pro users
- Other minor fixes and improvements


Jonathan Lord
26.6 МБ

macOS 10.12 и новее, 64-разрядный процессор



Редко/умеренно встречающиеся сцены с использованием или упоминанием алкогольной и табачной продукции или наркотических средств
229 ₽
Встроенные покупки
  1. Wine Maps Pro 1 150 ₽


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