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In flight, Xavion constantly imagines engine-failed glides to every runway in gliding range, and then shows you the safest-possible route as a Highway-In-The-Sky to take to an airport in the event of engine failure. This, finally, gives you guidance after an engine failure that is based on energy-management all the way down, where the computer does the glide-planning for you… you just fly through the hoops to the runway. Xavion also has instrument approaches in 3-D for the United States, so you can simply select any approach and then fly through the hoops to fly it!

As well, Xavion tracks other airplanes via ADS-B, and memorizes their location to track their WAKE TURBULENCE, moving the wake turbulence down and with the wind over time, showing the wake turbulence as little spiraling tornados. Finally, an App that tracks and shows you the wake turbulence of other airplanes.

As well, Xavion gets ADS-B weather if you have a portable receiver, and displays it, including the new icing, turbulence, and lightning products. Xavion also gets METARS and winds aloft from the internet if you have a WIFI or cell signal to help you plan before a flight!

Also, Xavion checks your weight and balance, and even estimates your takeoff distance and compares that to the length of the runway that you are about to take off on to warn you if the available runway length from your current location is marginal for a safe take-off.

Also, Xavion estimates time and fuel burn at all different altitudes to any destination, showing you the time and fuel burn required for each altitude enroute, so you can pick the best altitude.

Xavion, and Xavion alone in the sky, gives engine-failure guidance and wake-turbulence avoidance.

Xavion is free to download, and requires In-App purchase of current airport data ($9.99/month, or $99.00/year). As well, you may OPTIONALLY buy USA Sectional Charts, Low and High Enroute Charts, and Approach Plates for $149.00/year.

(We never release customer info, and the terms of use are listed at the launch of the App. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.)

Что нового

Версия 2.40

Now with weather and airport data in the PROFILE view!
This lets you see terrain, weather, and airport data in a profile view for your flight. This is now a whole different way of looking at your flight, visually seeing terrain and cloud top clearance, and the winds at all different altitudes, allowing at-a-glance look at winds at all altitudes and terrain and cloud top clearance... as well as vertical clearance from icing and turbulence!
So now, in addition to the plan view to let you see what your alternative are for destination selection, you have a fully-functional profile view to provide at-a-glance information for altitude selection.

Also, the weather renders FASTER now, which lets Xavion run more SMOOTHLY in all conditions!

Оценки и отзывы

5.0 из 5
Оценок: 3

Оценок: 3

Mayer77771 ,

Прекраснейшая программа для своих самолетов

Очень удобное и качественное приложение

Док Сэм ,

New technology

The program has phenomenal prospects! Of course it is in the beginning of development. But essentially qualitative step is confident in navigation it. Before programs counted only an optimum "kresersky" course with amendments on a wind. XAVION counts also landing approaches taking into account a wind and flight characteristics of the airplane. And introduction of aerodynamic data for beginners is rather difficult to move on "gate" more simply than on "line" So far. It would be simpler if it is simpler to enter airplane model with ready characteristics.


X-Avionics, LLC
3.5 ГБ

Требуется iOS 7.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.



Это приложение может использовать данные о Вашей геопозиции, даже если оно закрыто. Возможно сокращение времени работы аккумулятора устройства.
Встроенные покупки
  1. Digital Airport Data 749 р.
  2. Digital Airport Data 7 490 р.
  3. Seattle Avionics VFR & IFR ChartData 11 490 р.


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