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Working with multiple Xcode projects can be frustrating. The Open Recent menu shows all file types and in time order, making it difficult to find the project you want. Project file names on disk are not always human-friendly or can't be found quickly with Spotlight. XcLauncher is a menu bar app that provides instant access to your favorite projects.

・Create bookmarks for your Xcode projects, workspaces and playgrounds.
・Customize the name, order and grouping of bookmarks.
・View Xcode's recent files, showing only files matching your bookmarks.
・Sort recent files by time or name. Hold option to view them in the other order.
・Launch Xcode. If multiple versions are installed, choose which one.
・Configurable system-wide keyboard shortcut to open the menu.
・Option to automatically start at login.
・Supports dark appearance on macOS 10.14 Mojave.

For more information see https://hacknicity.com/xclauncher or contact me at support@hacknicity.com

Что нового

Версия 1.5

・Added preference to control whether the numbered Command-1 to Command-0 keyboard shortcuts are shown for Recent Files (in the Open Recent menu) or Bookmark Files (in the main menu). The default is to keep the previous behaviour and number the items in the Open Recent menu. Choosing numbered keyboard shortcuts for Bookmark Files and configuring a system-wide keyboard shortcut to open the main menu means that your first ten bookmarks are just two keyboard shortcuts away at all times.

XcLauncher does not prompt you for a review. If you find the app useful, please rate or review it in the App Store, or recommend it to other developers. This makes a huge difference to me and the future of the app.

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Geoff Hackworth
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OS X 10.11 и новее, 64-разрядный процессор



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