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Take Control of your Money
Often confused where your money went? Never Again!
Logging your expense and income should be easy so we are motivated to do that every time we make a TRANSACTION.
That's where Xpense app will help you which you can log your transactions AS FEW TAPS AS POSSIBLE, the ADD TRANSACTION button will always be visible to you as long as you're on the home tab, and we makes it easy for you for repeatable category as we keep the last selected category so you don't need to search again!

Payment Methods
With all of amazing technologies these days, we have a lot of E-Money or E-Wallet which is kind of hard to track because we top up to these wallet, Xpense will help you!
Different kinds of payment methods: Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, E-Wallet that you can add in Xpense, and you can track your Top-Ups, So you can check how much you top up for each E-Wallet and what did you spend with that Payment Method!
As for credit card, you can set a reminder for bill settlement so you won't forget when to pay!

Thanks to amazing Engineers of Apple on releasing iOS 14, Colour Picker is an amazing tool which we can use, guess how do we use it in Xpense ?
You can select ANY COLOUR customisations for your Payment Method to identify your cards, and even CATEGORIES so you can remember the Category JUST FROM THE COLOUR!
Combined with amazing emojis design from Apple, you can create BEAUTIFUL category by selecting Emoji and Colour OF YOUR OWN CHOICE
Psst. Want to know how much you spent on BOBA ? you can add a category with the new Boba emoji from Apple

Inspired from Apple watch's fitness ring, We created a BUDGET RING to motivate you to spend under your budget! LET'S NOT OVERSPEND OUR BUDGET! Saving money is a responsibility that we need to keep practicing, Hopefully you can save more and more money motivated by our BUDGET RING!

Sync Across Devices
Track your expenses from your Apple Devices: iPhone, iPad just by using the same iCloud account. Your Data will be Synced Across all devices!

Coming from an Indie Developer, i will keep improving the seamless experience of this app, making easy for you to do EVERYTHING while keep motivating our beloved users (Yes, you) and myself to keep track of your money without feeling forced or unhappy while doing it

Feel free to submit your feedback to Teddy@Santya.net if you have any features you want to see or issues you're experiencing

ENJOY Xpense !

Что нового

Версия 1.1.0

Add capability to set date for transaction
Add animation on new transaction page
Change price template on new transaction to be incremental

Конфиденциальность приложения

Разработчик Teddy Santya указал, что в соответствии с политикой конфиденциальности приложения данные могут обрабатываться так, как описано ниже. Подробные сведения доступны в политике конфиденциальности разработчика.

Данные, используе­мые для отслежи­вания информации

Следующие данные могут использоваться для отслеживания информации о пользователе в приложениях и на сайтах, принадлежащих другим компаниям.

  • Контактные данные
  • Идентифика­торы
  • Диагностика

Связанные с пользова­телем данные

Может вестись сбор следующих данных, которые связаны с личностью пользователя.

  • Контактные данные
  • Идентифика­торы
  • Диагностика

Не связанные с пользова­телем данные

Может вестись сбор следующих данных, которые не связаны с личностью пользователя.

  • Финансовая информация

Конфиденциальные данные могут использоваться по-разному в зависимости от вашего возраста, используемых возможностей или других факторов. Подробнее


  • Семейный доступ

    С помощью семейного доступа приложением смогут пользоваться до шести участников «Семьи».

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