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XYZ Unsocial Media, Chat, Calls , Invisible Data and more.

XYZ contains a large number of amazing world first features, but something we feel strongly about in changing the way Social Media is used.

We wanted to create a place that people can just post photos without thinking about how many Likes or Comments they will receive, making it a stress free place to post photos! We do allow users to turn Likes and Comments ON, but by default, every post on XYZ will have those turned OFF as we believe that should be the STANDARD.

We know some people love Likes and Comments, we get that too, but we also understand that sometimes people just want to post something, whatever they are doing, just to have a memory of it for themselves or just to share it with others! Our system can also be more relaxing for the viewer as the viewer might just want to catch up on what their friends are doing without feeling the pressure to Like and Comment.

Please join us and spread the word if you like what we are doing and please check out some of our other amazing features below like 3D Photo drops, Invisible Data, Playback messaging and more!

Post photos into 3D at locations you visit

Hide Photos and Videos on your phone without detection

Invisible, Private, anonymous non-detectable chat with friends

Timeline Posts and Meeting New People

Free calls and Messaging

Playback Messaging

Questions and Answers

Profile Gallery

So much more, one of the biggest and best free apps on the App Store!

Что нового

Версия 1.6.17

- Fixed a critical bug that was causing issues for some users loading the Social Media photo feed screen
- Added tips when posting photos to show users how to turn comments ON / OFF, Turn likes ON / OFF and how to post to Public
- Other various bugs fixed and improvements made

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1 оценка

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