The Property Brothers’ Top Design Tips

Let the stars of the hit HGTV show spiff up your (virtual) space.

Property Brothers Home Design

Создайте дом своей мечты


Drew and Jonathan Scott—the identical-twin stars of HGTV’s The Property Brothers—have helped hundreds of beleaguered homeowners transform their fixer uppers. Now they’re helping gamers do the same.

Property Brothers: Home Design invites you to advise clients with increasingly demanding interior-design projects—while solving puzzles to earn money to complete the renovations.

Ready to freshen up your spaces—both in-game and in the real world? Remember these insider design tips, direct from Drew and Jonathan.

One countertop, three base-cabinet styles. Pick your favorite!

Keep kitchens sturdy

Expert tip: “We love quartz countertops because they look like natural stone but are so much easier,” says Jonathan. “And porcelain tile is a great choice for flooring—it handles spills like a champ and can stand up to all the traffic that’ll be trampling through your kitchen.”
Where to apply it: “Room to Grow,” helping Debra and Steve renovate their single-family home in the suburbs.

Size up your sofa

Expert tip: “Pick something that both fits the space and that’s comfortable to you,” says Jonathan. “So many people forget to measure and bring home a sofa that’s too large. You want the piece to fit in, not take over the room.”
Where to apply it: “A Not-So-Mini Makeover,” helping Nicole and Theo rework their living room.

A pendant light and cute table lamp will cast a cozy glow.

Let there be light

Expert tip: “Whatever you do, don’t rely solely on an overhead bulb,” says Drew. “Mix it up with a variety of table and floor lamps, or maybe a pendant chandelier or some recessed lighting to make a room lighter and more welcoming.”
Where to apply it: “Demolition Derby,” helping Kelly and Russell modernize their Kentucky fixer-upper.

Don't work where you sleep

Expert tip: “If possible, keep office furniture out of the bedroom,” says Jonathan. "This room should be an oasis for sleeping and relaxing—not working.”
Where to apply it: “Lackluster in La Jolla,” creating the dream bedroom for Luis and Isabella.

This light-filled attic space awaits your finishing touches.

Space it out

Expert tip: “Updating window treatments to let in more sunshine can make a big difference,” says Jonathan. “Mirrors can also help, especially when placed to reflect a window. Natural light creates the appearance of more space.”
Where to apply it: “Center City Construction,” helping Liz and Phil update the bathroom in their Philadelphia home.