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Use your smartphone to order a ride and get picked up by a top-rated driver in minutes.

• Request a safe, comfortable ride in seconds.
• Enjoy fast arrival times, 24/7.
• See the price before you request a ride.
• Pay securely in the app (credit/debit card, Apple Pay, cash).

• Open the app and set your destination;
• Request a ride;
• See your driver's location in real-time on the map;
• Ride to your destination;
• Leave a rating.

Some of Bolt’s safety features require the app to stay running in the background.

• Emergency Assist button: quickly and discreetly alert an emergency response team and our dedicated Safety team, who will make an immediate welfare call.
• Audio trip recording: trigger an in-app audio recording if you ever feel uncomfortable during a ride.
• Private phone details: when you call a driver via the app, your number remains hidden.

Need an early airport transfer? Request a ride ahead of time with Bolt!

We're dedicated to fostering greener cities, which is why we're continually looking to increase our lineup of electric and hybrid cars in our car-sharing offering, Bolt Drive. You can also rent Bolt scooters and electric bikes via the app.

If you need to deliver a parcel in a city, use the Send category in the Bolt app. A driver will pick up your package in minutes!

Bolt ridesharing is available in 45+ countries and 500+ cities worldwide. We rebranded from Taxify to Bolt in March 2019.

Our mission is to make cities for people, not cars. We do this by offering a better alternative to every purpose a private car serves and helping millions of drivers support their families. The next time you need a ride, order a Bolt!

*Bolt ride options differ by location. Check the app for availability in your city.

Earn money driving with the Bolt Driver app. Sign up:

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Thanks for using Bolt!

We regularly update the app to provide a consistently high-quality experience. This update includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

Enjoying Bolt? Please leave a rating! Your feedback helps us improve.

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Abrar2483 ،

A great ride-sharing company after Uber

Well, It’s been quite a while since I’m using Bolt and I am quite impressed with the service they are providing. Fares are almost equal to Uber which is a major drawback since people mostly prefer Uber first because it comes fast. The drivers are good and cars are also fine. The drivers do rate the customers after each trip and I would highly appreciate if bolt could let the customers know their rating. I would say that their customer service is HORRIBLE. Whenever I sent them a support message no one replies to me in weeks and if someone does then they reply to me only in Arabic. By the way, I’m writing this from Saudi Arabia. If customer service is improved and fares are reduced a little and then this ride-sharing company is perfect. Ya, there are times where cars are sometimes not available but in Uber, cars are always available. I’m not trying to do a Uber VS Bolt but I’m just telling y’all my honest opinion.

norrella ،


My friend recommended me this app to use because it is cheaper but the problem is it takes a lot of time for the driver to arrive to you. And I experienced one driver today, he was harassing me. He touch me everywhere in my leg and in my hand, he keeps on shaking my hand and he’s not focusing on his driving. And when he’s driving, he drives too fast. I was so afraid. And before that he insisted me to sit down in front of the car because the police will caught him if I sit at the. I disagreed cause I know his bad intension. And when I arrived at home I gave him 100sr and he said he don’t have a change but I saw in his drawer when he opened he has a lot of change there and still he insist me to ride in his car to go to the store to change the money. Thankfully the carrefour arrived and I asked him to change the money. The charge of bolt 33sr I gave him 50 and he said 40, I told him 33 only he said he has only 5sr change but that’s not true. So I took the 5sr instead. But before that I booked bolt with my atm card visa and when I was inside his car he told me to change the card to cash so, he cancel my ride then book again. So the bolt charge me 10sr from my arm card visa. I am very mad and afraid that morning. I will not recommend this app if you are not going to remove him from bolt. I hope you will take action from this. From Qatif, Saudi Arabia.

roe john ،

Poor customer support

Got charged for a trip then the driver cancelled after I told him the trip was paid for using credit instead of cash and I never got a refund after contacting support they tried to shut me up with a 10 riyal coupon which was very unprofessional and then they tried to convince me that they never charge before a trip is complete, after insisting on getting my refund they asked for an official bank statement which was not possible because I was using stc pay I showed them my latest transactions anyways and they kept asking for a bank statement after telling them I was using stc pay they just stopped responding very poor experience never using the app again.

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