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Osama Naeem

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Subscribed to a lot of services online and it becomes just a bit difficult to track subscriptions at time. Or maybe you wanted to subscribe to a service for just one month but then forgot to cancel it?

Frequent is a simple subscription tracking app, which simply lets you add in your subscriptions and then track them. App lets you keep track of days remaining for next subscription, the next payment date and also sends you a notification a day before the renewal day.

You can set different subscription cycle - weekly, monthly and yearly and then leave it to the app to calculate the next payment dates for you.

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الإصدار 1.2.5

Bug fixes!

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Aziz_canada ،

أفضل تطبيق للمصروفات وغيرها

أفضل تطبيق للمصروفات الدورية والمجدولة.
تطبيق عملي بسيط سهل وغير معقد ومجاني.
كثيرين من المطورين يفتقدون الى البساطة.
أستخدمه اسبوعياً وانصح فيه 👍🏻😊
شكراً عزيزي المطور
Best App ever.
Simple, practical, yet powerful.

Elyas mehdar ،

Not useful

The option to add a subscription that is every 3 months is not available, there should be a costum option or a prefixed like biweekly or quartarly.

only these are (WEEKLY, MONTHLY, ANNUAL)

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