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GIG GO is the mobile-first insurance platform that uses Trending technology such as optical character recognition for ease of information capture and offer you a deeper insight to match you with a policy that works for you. You can get a quote in as little as three minutes and it’s all done in the app quick and easy.

Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company (GIG-Bahrain), a subsidiary of Gulf Insurance Group (GIG) which is the largest insurance Group in Kuwait was established in 1975 with Bahraini and Kuwaiti shareholders. By virtue of its shareholding structure, BKIC is allowed to operate as a national insurance company both in Bahrain and Kuwait and is the only company to enjoy such a privilege.


BKIC's ability to foresee market trends equips itself to fulfill customers' demands in a better way. Now, when life changes lanes we’ll be right there because we’re always headed in your direction.

· Optical Character Recognition (OCR): NO Hassle to keep Typing the information. Integrated with the leading OCR technology, the app extends ease in uploading as well as retrieving the right information from the uploaded document.

· Road side Assistance: No one likes being stranded in the middle of nowhere – or even in the middle of somewhere. The GIG GO Mobile app lets you tap for a tow anyplace, anytime through their preferred service partner Gulf Assist.
· Virtual Assistant: Ever wish you had a teeny tiny person in your pocket that you could ask questions about your policy, payments or more? Get connected with our representation through WhatsApp or video call Instantly.
· Notification: Keep yourself up-to-date; receive notifications on the go about your policy expiry and GIG-Bahrain happenings
· Get Quote: Request for a quote for the best prices on products we offer (Travel, Motor, Domestic, Home, and Moeen) with quick and easier steps. Just simple scan your documents and get your best offer.
· Make and track your Claim: With GIG GO app you can raise a claim instantly and track the real-time status of the claim. Knowing about your claims is much improved with every step.
· My Policy: Real-time data of active policies with expiry date and detailed information of the policy.
· Quick Renewal: GIG GO makes your renewal process much simpler and faster before it expires. Now renew your policy with and without a login.
· Reminders: Set reminders for expiries for policies and other documents
· My documents: Get quick access to all the uploaded documents through GIG GO app. Reuse the active documents for your next insurance purchase.

For those of you looking to safeguard the people and possessions that you most love, BKIC is the way to go..

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الإصدار 4.1

* Bug fixes and Performance Improvements.

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