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What kind of game is Hero Ball Z?

▣ Bullet hell + idle RPG
- Not your everyday idle game!
- The appeal of an idle RPG with the fun of a bullet hell game!

▣ Unique heroes are here!
- Awesome characters from mega-hit game “Game of Dice” came back as heroes!
- Combine novices to obtain awesome heroes!

▣ New type of idle game! Breathtaking action!
- Eye-catching shooting action with cute characters!
- Use heroes’ breathtaking unique skills strategically!

▣ Run through the endless stages
- Fast level up while offline!
- Become stronger to break the limit!

▣ Want to play more? Sub-contents!
- Boss raids, PvP, and event matches!
- Leave those hard-working heroes idling, and enjoy the various sub-contents!

▣ Global heroes! ASSEMBLE!
- Even the strongest heroes need allies!
- Gather allies at a Union and challenge the top spot!

Feel the real excitement of idle games with Hero Ball Z, now!

■ Customer Support: https://joycity.oqupie.com/portals/812
■ Community: https://www.facebook.com/Heroballz.en
■ Terms of Service: https://policy.joycity.com/en/policy

ما الجديد

الإصدار 1.10.10

System Stabilization & Various Bug Fixes

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M2tsuki ،

a question

I really liked the game tbh, but the only problem i face its that when i play for like 1hour or more the game start crashing idk if that because my mobile is old.. ( it’s iPhone6Plus ) so i hope u can find a solution for my problem.. and thanks (:

استجابة المطور ،

Hello! We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We advise you to do the following: 1. Clear cache. 2. Check for the most updated version. 3. Check for a stable connection. 4. Restart phone. 5. Reinstall the game. We hope this helps! If you have any further issues, please feel free to send it to us at joycity.oqupie.com/portals/812. Thank you.

Salma_2014 ،


This game is awesome and so cool!! The characters look so detailed and everything! One of my favourite games 💗🧩

استجابة المطور ،

Thank you for your wonderful review, we really appreciate your support for Hero Ball Z! Have a great day! Hero Ball Z GO GO!

Angxlex ،

It’s amazing !

All I really can say it’s amazing I really loved the characters and yea everything in the game I just

استجابة المطور ،

Thank you for your support for Hero Ball Z, we really appreciated what you've said and it gives us the inspiration to work even harder. Rest assured that we will do our best in order to provide a better gaming experience to everyone. Thank you and have a great day! Hero Ball Z GO GO!

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