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Ceren Parlakoglu

مصمم لـ iPad

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Build the best internet café in the world!
Internet Cafe Simulator is an internet cafe business simulation game. You can set up and manage a comprehensive workplace within the game.
There are many activities and people you can interact with in the city. You must pay the rent of your apartment and shop. You must satisfy your customers.
You should install more elegant and powerful gaming computers. You can also do illegal work if you want. But be careful, the price can be very heavy.
You can develop your internet café with a lot of applications on the computer in the game. You can even hire people to illegally give you a high score.
You can expand your internet café by renting new areas. In the game you can buy crypto money. You can grow your internet cafe with the right investments.
You can increase the likelihood of people coming to your internet cafe by purchasing popular games.
All management and planning will be in your hands. Watch out and don't bankrupt!

ما الجديد

الإصدار 2

some minor bugs fixed

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SxNess_1427 ،

There is a problem

In pocket edition ( phones) you can’t sell bitcoins because you have to type how much bitcoins you want to sell bet the keyboard won’t pop up so I can’t sell them but over all it’s a pretty good game if you creators are seeing this can you fix it

boody ahmed ،

Make an update

Make an update to
1:fix glitches and bugs
2:improve graphics
3:when selling and buying bitcoins the keyboard doesn’t appear to put the amount so pleeeease solve this because it is so annoying

كله دعايت زق ،

The graphics

Is freaking bad please i cant thing it long cuz my eyes burns while playing please give us the option to change the graphics
So i can have fun into it + i cant sell or buy bitcoin my keyboard doesn’t show up

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