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Do you often get troubled by the limited size of personal photos uploaded on the website? Are you worried about the lack of memory space on your phone?
Here it goes for you! CompressMaster - downsize/compress of pictures and videos!

Rich picture and video compression functions, powerful compression algorithm, quickly reduce picture size, retain high-definition picture quality, save mobile phone storage space, support batch compression!

After adjusting the parameters, you can view the compressed size results in real time, the compression effect is clear at a glance, and it is more convenient to compress in batches!

The main function:
- Customize image compression quality
- Custom image downsizing
- Support to clear photo EXIF metadata
- Support multiple image/video formats conversion
- Support single compression and multiple batch compression, quickly compress multiple images
- Image size scaling, the size of the image pixels can be adjusted propotinally or according to a free ratio
- Picture edting. Crop the picture area.
- Picture compression effect preview
- 10-seconds video compression effect preview
- Multiple formats
- One-click to export or share to others

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For more functions of CompressMaster, please download the App and check more details. If you have any questions, you can contact us in the App.

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الإصدار 1.2.0

fix crash bug.

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