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If you are looking for a complete tool for WhatsApp status, then Status Saver for WhatsApp is perfect for you.

Manage and edit your WhatsApp status and stories directly within the app. Whether it's text, picture, video, or emoji - you can easily manage the status content using our highly efficient WA status and story utility app.

Whether it's a WhatsApp status tool, manager, or any other function - it functions seamlessly on your iPhone/iPad, enabling smooth access to all content from stories or statuses for offline enjoyment without requiring an active internet connection.

This app is really user-friendly, and there is no complicated process to view the status. You can easily access the folder where you've saved the files.

It's also an editor app for WA status, and you can come up with amazing ideas for new status and create some awesome stories or status by adding several contents in one post through this Whats app status saver and editor app.

This app gives you the freedom to keep the posts you like on your device and have the pleasure of going through them whenever you want, wherever you want. Keep your favorite WA content on your device and enjoy them anytime!

* Scan QR code to connect.
* It is very easy to scan QR code.
* We present three options for scanning:
* QR code on your phone.
* QR code on a web page.
* QR code on your Apple Watch.
* Remembers your state and no need to scan QR code every time.
* View status photos
* Watch status videos
* Share status text
* Edit your photos and share them on WhatsApp with many effects and filters
* Share or Repost amazing status videos and status photos
* Status saver for pictures and status videos


Now you can create long stories on WhatsApp!

Split videos for WhatsApp Status! Easily share on any other social platform.

Post high quality, UNLIMITED length videos to social platform stories and status in fast, efficient and easy way.

* Pick a video from any folder in your camera roll
* Unlimited length video import from album
* Separate album for generated clips
* Clips arranged in correct order in phone album
* Jump to Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook or Snapchat easily after splitting the status video or story video.

If you want to manage, edit, create creative stories, statuses and share again the WhatsApp status you want, download the WhatsApp Status / Story Saver application and enjoy.

When you download our status saver app, you can opt in to a 3 day free trial for the monthly. Our App offers auto-renewing weekly/monthly subscription options for access to the app's features and content. Your PREMIUM subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and payment will be charged through your itunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your itunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. To avoid auto renewal, you must cancel at least 24 hours before your subscription or trial ends.

As with all of our apps, if you would like to use our App but have trouble affording it please email us at so we can help you with our financial assistance program.

Read more about our terms, conditions, and privacy here:
o Visit our Privacy Policy at:
o View our Terms of Service at:

Note : This App is not not affiliated or endorsed by WhatsApp. This is independent and third party app. Which helps edit your photos for uploading them to Whatsapp status and watching and sharing your contact statuses.

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الإصدار 1.31

Critical bug fixed while editing own status

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