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Want to be mindful of your health but don't know where to start? Let me tell you how. Just place our widgets on your Homescreen and be conscious of your health.

Health Overview
We have selected the most underrated statistics from your device, and transformed them into a simplistic overview, categorized and sorted, right inside WidgetHealth. We only have access to your data with your authorization. No data is saved and no data is transferred outside of your device. Privacy is irreplaceable and WidgetHealth knows that.

Right in our name, WidgetHealth is the widget app you'll need. Stare at your health every time you switch on your device so that you could be conscious of your health. Health is never enough. Health is a new Wealth, come abroad and together become a healthier person. 7 widgets from different categories are available at the beginning. More are coming down the road, but I assure you it won't be long.

Integration with the Apple Health app
WidgetHealth doesn't own your data, you do. WidgetHealth works with the Apple Health app and uses data from the Apple Health app. You control what data WidgetHealth can read. WidgetHealth only requests read permission as the app is intended to present your Health in a different way, but not as a Health data collection app. We respect your privacy and your data is handled securely and mindfully. No data is transferred off your device. WidgetHealth is just a simple, easy-to-use Widgets app which displays your health in a unique way, allowing you to Be Conscious of Your Health.

Apple Watch app
Beginning with WidgetHealth v1.5, WidgetHealth is available on Apple Watch too. Watch face widgets are also supported. Enjoy WidgetHealth on both your phone and watch is never been easier. It provides the same feature set as the iOS app. So your Apple Watch will never be left behind.

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الإصدار 2.2

This version of WidgetHealth brings you exciting new features and improvements.

- Improved stability with Charts
- General bug fixes and improvements

As the sole member of the company, I am dedicated to bringing you innovative yet practical apps to aid your daily lives. I know it's been a while since the last update, but I can assure you Imposters Limited is back strong and new apps and updates are coming out frequently.


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