Be the next big thing

Record your chart-topping debut with these music-making apps.

Wanna be a pop star? We’ve got everything you need right here to make a killer debut track and hit the big time. Let’s get cracking!

Record some rough ideas

Inspiration can strike anywhere, so keep this one on your home screen at all times. Just sing or play right into Music Memos and the app will give an automatic preview of how your track might sound with a backing band.

    Music Memos



Lay on some beats

Kick things off with some drumbeats – not only does Remixlive have a huge library of instruments ready for you to play on the finger drum pad, but you can throw in some loops too.

    Remixlive - Make Music & Beats

    Loops, Drum pads & Sequencer


Bring in the guitar

If it’s been a while since you last strummed a G major, brush up on your technique with Coach Guitar. The built-in tuner, plus incredibly helpful video tutorials, will get you blazing the frets again in no time.

    Guitar Lessons | Coach Guitar

    Best learn to play songs app


Sprinkle in some synths

A great song is like a colourful tapestry, and the more threads the better! Calling on the power of Auxy, build up your soundscape with a giant range of effects and customise every control for precision music-making.

    Auxy Pro - Music & Beat Maker

    A Studio in Your Pocket


Add the vocals

All you need now are some sweet vocals to round things off – whether you’re beatboxing or going full-on Mariah, Take’s timing and editing tools will help you hit the right note at the right time. Use the autotuner to smooth out rough patches, or turn it up for maximum T-Pain.

    Take Creative Vocal Recorder

    Capture Your Musical Ideas


Shoot a video

Great music deserves great visuals – time to fully unleash your inner superstar with Filmmaker Pro. Grab some friends and shoot your video anywhere, mixing together separate takes into one gloriously-soundtracked masterpiece.

    Filmmaker Pro - Video Editor

    Video Editor & Movie Maker


Watch the money roll in!

Now your track is done, you’ll need a way to keep track of the mountains of cash that will surely start flooding in. Don’t be another MC Hammer – with Pennies, you’ll know whether you can really afford to buy that fifth helicopter or add an extra wing to your mansion.

    Pennies – Budget and Expenses

    The everyday money tracker