Explore 4 amazing Roblox worlds


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Giant water parks. Fairy-tale kingdoms. Sneaky obstacle courses. There’s no end to the imaginative worlds in virtual playground Roblox. But with thousands of places to explore, where do you begin?

Right here! For a taste of Roblox at its best, try these four fantastic experiences. To find them, go to Roblox’s home screen and search for the full title, then tap the name and scroll down to make sure the developer listed matches the one here. (A lot of Roblox experiences have similar or identical names.)

Outlaster (by Peak Precision Studios)

Modelled after classic reality-show competitions, Outlaster challenges you to be the last player standing. Vie for points through fun activities such as collecting flags and knocking opponents off pedestals. The winners earn immunity and losers risk being voted out – unless they’ve formed secret alliances! It’s perfect for dreamers and schemers.

Quick tip: Search for scrolls! Hidden in trees and bushes around the campsite, scrolls lead you to Advantages – invaluable items that help you stay in the contest.

Livetopia (by Century Makers)

Roleplay is the way in Livetopia, a massive world where you can dress up, build a mansion and hang out with other players. When you’re not driving or flying around four sprawling areas, try taking on one of dozens of jobs – from running a train to leading a classroom. Feel like staying home? Form a family with friends, complete with cute pets and robot companions!

Quick tip: Explore, explore, explore! Buildings in Topia City contain loads of secret areas, such as the hidden level above the mall (accessed through the fridge at Burger Maker). It’s a great place to survey the town and score bonus gear.

Greenville (by Greenville, Wisconsin)

Greenville caters to players who love cruising in cars. Stroll into a dealership and pick from hundreds of customisable rides, including vans, sedans, race cars and SUVs. Then hit the road – rolling past grassy fields and a gorgeous lake while unwinding to the in-game radio. The more you drive, the more cash you’ll earn to buy a fleet of cars!

Quick tip: Tinker with the settings. Gearheads will have a blast tweaking steering speed and playing with acceleration and braking options. Realistic or arcade driving? It’s up to you!

Restaurant Tycoon 2 (by Ultraw)

Build an eatery from the ground up in this tasty business sim. Feeding your first few customers yields just enough cash to hire a waiter and a cook... and your options keep growing. Before long, you’ll be serving fancier dishes (Peking duck, shawarma, tiramisu), adding a drive-through window, and delivering your goodies straight to homes. Your food empire awaits!

Quick tip: Make profit-boosting upgrades ASAP. Tip jars quickly pay for themselves by raising daily income, while advertising continually attracts more customers. Earn enough to add a second floor, and you’ll really be in business.