Horizon Chase - World Tour


This arcade racer is laser-targeted at players of a certain, um, vintage. Remember shovelling your pocket money into OutRun at the arcades? Then let the warm nostalgic glow of Horizon Chase transport you back to simpler times.

It’s got the bright red sports car, lush blue skies and bright, bold scenery you remember – except it's all crisp polygons, not pixels. And the soundtrack is equally new-retro, cheesy enough to feel old-school without being straight-up annoying.

You might need sunglasses to play Horizon Chase.

Like those old arcade racers, you’ve got your metaphorical foot to the floor at all times. Weaving through the traffic on these twisty-turny roads requires quick reactions and canny use of the Nitro system.

Cruising along Hawaii’s coastline is all the more pleasurable in ’The Janis’.

Get a few races under your belt and you’ll unlock a wealth of new locations and sweet rides. Most recently, a new Hawaiian theme has added yet more beautiful vistas and vehicles.

Hawaii’s not all grass skirts and sandy beaches, you know.

Take a (really, really fast) tour of Hawaii’s coastal raceways and you’ll find beautiful volcanic landscapes and two new cars to drive: the Elite 275 roadster is the sporty option, but you can also jump into the Janis van for a more psychedelic drive along the beaches of Honolulu.

Horizon Chase is proof that tearing around glamorous locales in a flashy sports car never fails to be brilliant fun, whether you remember the nineties or not.

    Horizon Chase - World Tour