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TMKiiN is the best on demand service app with features to support both users and service providers.
TMKiiN is a proud edition of us and takes the lead in the competition by using the latest technology to create the app.
Taxi reservation application TMKiiN can be developed better enable to do business in other services such as electrical works, plumbing, parks, washing, express mail service, and delivery services
What makes TMKiiN the best?
- Clicking on the screen is easier than raising your hand to a taxi
- You can reserve a car and go to the place you want, as you can reserve a car for another date that matches the date of your plane or work time ..
- TMKiiN allows you to get an estimate of the flight price and duration, and also enables you to track your captain, a feature that is not present in other means of transportation
- Our GPS tracking service is ready, so the captain can quickly get you to the location you want
- Our customer service is always at your service.
A few clicks before the start of the trip, mobility with easy and accessible access
1 - Download the app, GPS will determine your location automatically after taking your ear
2- Choose your car type and request your flight
3 - Choose your destination to get an estimate of the price and estimated time of arrival
4 - Click on "Request a Class Car ..." and get a confirmation immediately, but also the location of the Captain, his name, and his car.
5 - Once you get into the car, make yourself comfortable, follow your journey in real time, and you will not pay until after the trip has ended.
TMKiiN is available 24/7, in Saudi Arabia, visit to know more about us.

ما الجديد

الإصدار 1.2.26

Improve the efficiency of the application

خصوصية التطبيق

أوضح المطور TMKIN DEVELLOPEMENT INFORMATIQUE، أن ممارسات خصوصية التطبيق قد تتضمن معالجة البيانات على النحو الموضح أدناه. لمزيد من المعلومات، انظر %سياسة خصوصية المطور(ة) سياسة خصوصية المطور.

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Location

قد تختلف ممارسات الخصوصية بناءً على الميزات التي تستخدمها أو حسب عمرك على سبيل المثال. معرفة المزيد


  • Wallet

    احصل على جميع بطاقات المرور والتذاكر والبطاقات والمزيد في مكان واحد.

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