The greatest teacher is play

Many of us had a strong subject in school – and plenty of weak ones. And there was always that particular one you just never could wrap your head around. Be it maths, foreign language, chemistry or whatever your Achilles’ heel, you’ve probably long since given up on it. However, there is still hope – now there are a number of apps designed to help you finally make that long-overdue breakthrough. You may not only learn to like the subject, but also find you’re actually good at it!

OK, perhaps that’s an exaggeration. Still, give them a try – if anything, they’ll have you saying: “Where were these when I really needed them?”

When everything adds up

Photomath sums up maths with a simple scan. Point your camera at an equation and the app uses its OCR technology to scan, calculate and solve it. More importantly, the app shows you its work, step by step. Seeing the logic behind the solution makes maths a lot less intimidating.

How did it get the answer? Tap to see the solution, step by step.


    Math explained, step-by-step


Finding the right chemistry

Most people’s aversions to certain subjects may come down to a simple reason: they’re afraid of making mistakes. Science app BEAKER by THIX helps neutralise that fear. It’s a virtual lab that encourages worry-free experimentation with chemistry. Choose from more than 150 chemicals to combine, heat, shake and observe their reactions. And yes, you’ll create smoke, vapour or the occasional fireball – but the only thing you’ll be destroying is your previous notions about learning science.

Conduct virtual experiments using two phones and watch what bubbles up.

If you prefer learning with a friend, check out the app’s AirMix function, which allows for conducting group experiments. When placed near each other, two phones running the app will function as virtual beakers, letting you ‘pour’ the contents from A into B, where you can watch the reaction. You’re sure to have a blast and perhaps make one too.


    Experiment with 150 chemicals


Finally find the right words

Go on, give in to your instinct to play. That’s what gamified learning builds upon. Adding elements of entertainment to otherwise dry lessons help with retention. In other words, fun helps things stick.

Memrise does just that. In the app, you are a spy about to infiltrate an enemy base. Knowing the language is a must if you are to complete your mission. Each language is a different universe. Lessons are represented as planets. In order to gain the enemy’s trust, you must speak and understand the local lingo. Choose to learn English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Korean and many more.

The app uses games to help motivate and reinforce language learning.

As the name suggests, Memrise helps train your memory. Through repetition, analysis and grouping exercises, your little alien pet grows along with your knowledge. Before you know it, you’ve won the game – and learned a language!

    Memrise: Learn Languages Fast

    Spanish, French, German, Dutch