Rule the road in Mario Kart Tour

Go from worst to first with these three tips.

Mario Kart Tour

Race around the world!


It happens every time: you drift around a corner, zip past a rival and mash the gas as you cruise to the checkered flag… only to wipe out on a banana peel. Or crash into another kart. Or get whacked by a shell. (The worst!)

But with a little know-how, even the unluckiest racer can master Mario Kart Tour. Follow these tips to become king of the karts.

Consider the chemistry

Mario Kart Tour takes players around the world, with courses set in modern metropolises like New York, Tokyo and Paris. And pairing the right racer, kart and glider with the right course can make all the difference.

Choosing a character that’s compatible with a course – Yoshi for Rock Rock Mountain, for instance – grants an extra item slot, while driving an optimal kart or glider will give your score a boost and extend your combo time, respectively.

Even cooler: fill all three slots with the same item and you’ll trigger Item Fever, which makes you invincible and temporarily lets you reuse the item as often as you want. Mushroom mania!

Know your items

Item Boxes aren’t optional: if you want to succeed in Mario Kart Tour, grab as many items as you can – and be sure you know exactly how to use what you pick up.

For example, instead of just randomly dropping a banana, think about where opponents are likely to drive – say, in front of Dash Panels or Item Boxes. 

Also key: knowing whether to throw an item in front of or behind your kart. Did you just pick up a green or red shell while you’re in the lead? Swipe backward to toss it over your shoulder!

The art of the drift

Drifting lets you take sharp turns without having to slow down – even better, it’s one of the quickest ways to speed to victory.

Drift for a few seconds and you’ll trigger a Mini-Turbo: just release your finger when you see the blue spark to get a nice boost. Hold your drift a bit longer, however, and the blue will turn orange – that’s a Super Mini-Turbo, and the boost is even bigger.

Experiment with both Auto and Manual Drift controls until you feel comfy, and be sure to practise on every corner. Before long you’ll drift over the finish line in first!

    Mario Kart Tour

    Race around the world!