Tracking your fat burning rate is as simple as breathing. All you need is this app and our pocket-friendly device, Acetrack.

How do factors like diet, training, mood, stress or sleep affect your fat burning? Use the Acetrack app to find out.

Acetrack — a good friend on the metabolic journey towards better health:

Measure your fat burning rate wherever you are.
Find out what affects your level of ketosis.
Make more informed dietary decisions.
Trace the impact of your lifestyle choices.

Do you have to follow a ketogenic diet to use Acetrack? Not at all.

Breath acetone measurements are useful for all types of diets that boost your metabolism. Keto, low-carb, paleo, vegan, Atkins, fasting, zero carb, pescatarian, carnivore...

Understand your unique metabolism with Acetrack

Understanding your own body and rate of fat burning will help you make better dietary choices. Learn what happens in your body throughout the day, week and month with Acetrack.


Version 1.5.19

- Fixed support email.
- Fixed remove user feature.
- Various copy updates.
- Major updates of 3rd party code.

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6 betyg

Felibeni ,

Great Ketosis tool

A great way to measure and track your metabolism over time 💪🏻 You need the hardware sold at Amazon though.


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