The VOK DAMS agile suite app supports Agile Event Management™
After launching the planning poker app in 2017, VOK DAMS – the original agile event management company – now comes with the agile suite. An app including all the tools for effortless and successful agile event management processes.

Team timer
A visual guidance on meeting and planning progress for your whole team. Can be used off-line for face to face team meetings and on-line for teams scattered over different locations. Set limits for discussion, explanation or used it as a daily standup timer.

Delegation Poker
Use Delegation Poker as a guide to agree on who’s responsible for what and to what level before starting a project. A playful starting point for the discussion of who should do what. Different levels of delegation fitting all levels of desired control.

Planning poker
A fun estimation tool for agile teams. With an easy to use interface; swipe to your card and click to hide card face-down. The App deck includes 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20,40, 60 and ? (unsure), the infinity symbol (impossible to complete) and a coffee cup (break needed).

Fist of Five
Fist of Five Voting is a quick way to allow everyone to show their level of support for a process and reach consensus. Select your numbered card and show it to the team to make your position known to all. Less than three? State your objections and let the team respond with feedback and solutions, ultimately reaching consensus. Card deck includes the closed fist to block consensus.

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