Air MD is a professional app designed to support healthcare professionals to diagnose respiratory diseases and monitor lung function change. If interested in managing your own personal lung health please download Aria from NuvoAir.

Air MD is ideal for pulmonologists, general practitioners, nurses, pharmacists making easier than ever for healthcare providers to perform spirometry tests and manage multiple patients.

Air MD is powered by the Air Next wireless spirometer. The Air Next is a CE certified class IIa medical device. It seamlessly connects with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Air Next is maintenance free thanks to the hygienic and high precision disposable turbine, there is no need for sterilisation and calibration. For more information about Air Next please visit

• Measure FEV1, FVC, PEF and FEV1/FVC ratio and show flow-volume array.
• Detect common errors and coaches the patient on how to improve her test results.
• The app grades the test sessions, based on how well the tests are performed and how reproducible they are.
• GLI equations are used to provide results depending on the height, age, gender and ethnicity of the patient.
• Possibility to generate PDF reports of the spirometry results
• Disease and medication tracking included

PREMIUM FEATURES in addition to the standard features:
• Full-loop tests included e.g., expiratory and inspiratory manoeuvre
• Advanced PDF report including LLN data, z-score and time volume curve
• Advanced parameters including MEF25 (FEF75), MEF50 (FEF50), MEF75 (FEF25), MEF75-25 (FEF25-75)
• Possibility to manage up to 99 patients

The Air Next spirometer is intended to be used by:
• Healthcare professionals trained to perform spirometry tests on patients.
• Adults trained by healthcare professionals or through self-learning who understand how to perform a high quality spirometry test.

• The Air Next is intended to measure the forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1), the peak expiratory flow (PEF) and the forced vital capacity (FVC) in a forced expiratory manoeuvre. These measures can be used for the detection, assessment and monitoring of certain lung diseases.
• The Air Next is CE certified as a Class II Medical Device and developed according to the ISO-26782 standards.
• Air MD app integrates with Health App from Apple, so you can export spirometer data (FVC, FEV1, PEF) from the Air app to the Health App.


Version 3.5.1

We regularly update our app to make it faster, more reliable and to improve your experience. In this update there are a couple of enhancements alongside a few bugs we’ve squashed.

• Minor bug fixes
• Minor Improvements

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4 betyg

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