If you ever wondered how is like to go on a full day at school doing fun activities, this baby game might be the perfect opportunity to see for yourself each action in part. During this interactive game, you'll learn many things and for sure you'll experience lovely time with these little kids. There is a whole plan you need to follow and one task will unlock another one and so on. As we all know, the first day is fulfilled with new interactions and plenty of things to do, but even if there is a lot of information to process you have to do it step by step because in this way you could learn something and have fun too. The baby girl and the boy need some help in each phase. Begin with the alphabet letters and try those funny ways you could view and remember them, by playing with them and arrange the whole string. Once you've finished this part move right to the colors where you are about to identify colorful cute shaped blocks to see the nice picture behind them. You are also requested to pop the balls with that specific color in the next game. Accomplish this task too and go to the shaping area where you could choose from many activities. Try the modeling clay because you have to create animals in different shapes and decorate them to look exactly like in real life. You might as well play with the numbers the way you did it with letters and once you cross all the exercises that are prepared for you in all these creative actions. Train your skills and play this incredible game to help out these babies on their first they in the educational system.

Don't miss any of these awesome features this game provides:
- Free and easy gameplay
- Cheerful background sounds and cool graphics
- Have fun playing interactive activities with babies
- Learning how to accomplish the given tasks
- Play different games all in one
- Develop new skills or improve the old one


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