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Welcome to a fantastical new world - the BAV Metaverse.

Set on its own virtual island. The BAV Metaverse showcases BAV's innovations, services, programs and data in ways that will take your breath away: and make you rub your eyes in wonder.

Take your time to visit the pavilions, each one hosting a fount of BAV knowledge and insights. As you journey through the Metaverse you'll encounter apps, services, publications, videos and interviews all curated to help you build your business: develop and refine strategy and further your understanding of the ever-changing dynamics in the global marketplace.

Graphic Novel
Data is king in today's world. And data analysis plays a vital role in business planning and strategy development. But sometimes a simple story can be a quick short cut to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a brand.
That’s where the Graphic Novel series of brand stories comes into play. These charming short comics tell the story of a brand in relation to its Personality, Equity, and where it is on the BAV Brand Worth Map.
Generate a graphic novel comic on-demand. Specify the brand and your email and it will be sent direct to your inbox.

Brand Trader
Our fantasy trading game is fun but it's also a great way to understand the power of BAV brand data.

Interview Pavilion
Watch probing, challenging and inspirational interviews with David Roth, talking to opinion leaders and c-suite executives; as they share their experience, success and a few failures in the world of international commerce.

100 Brands that Changed the World Pavilion
There are leadership brands, challenger brands, momentum brands, fatigued brands... and then there is that very select nucleus of brands that changed the world for better. Step inside to see our top 100 selection, and learn how and why they have had such a profound effect on global culture.

Love Plus Pavilion
We all have a few brands in our lives that we have great affection for: love even. But we feel our love for brands in very different ways. Our Love+ index explains and illustrates four kinds of brand love with a big nod to John Lennon and the sixties vibe.

BAV Giftshop
Browse and buy BAV publications like History of Retail, Brand Stories and the stunning LOOK Book, China in Pictures. Click on a book cylinder to be taken to our online store to purchase.

Thought Pavilion - a host of thought pieces like the future of voice in commerce - in which we envisage a keyboard less world. And The New Deal’ in which we examine consumer perceptions about true 'value' of any given brand.

Retail Pavilion - This is your launch pad to two innovative apps that will help you build your knowledge of the ever-changing retail world.

History of Retail in 100 Objects
Retail has always been a driving and innovative force in culture. From Stone Age man to today, we see from the 100 objects featured how retail doesn't just reflect our material hopes and dreams, but shapes them.

Store as a Medium - Welcome to the future of retail. The age of personalised store experiences for shoppers is here.

Great Hall of China- With a population of just under one and a half billion people, the second largest economy in the world, and revolutionary business thinking, China is a force we all need to understand. Step inside and learn more through a series of BAV documentaries and infographic displays.

Photo Tunnel - Immerse yourself in a photo adventure through 10 years of China. Tap on the centre of the picture tunnel to move forward. Tap and drag to look around at the photos. Turn around to go through the tunnel in the other direction.

11:11 Room- The Alibaba 11:11 Global Shopping Festival is far and away the biggest virtual sales event in the world.

Livestream Pavilion- Drop into our theatre for live streaming coverage of webinars, panel discussions and major events like Alibaba's 11:11 retail extravaganza.

The BAV Metaverse Pavilion
Get a helicopter view of all our programs and services.


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