The BellPal app is the centre of BellPal's security system. The BellPal watch, which automatically detects falls, is a necessary part of the system - but just as important is the social network you create via the app.

If you have a BellPal Watch, the app connects the watch to your phone, and via the app you can then communicate with your followers and a Response Center * when a fall is detected or a manual alarm is sent.

If you use the app as a follower, you will receive a notification when the watch user automatically or manually sends an alarm.

During an ongoing alarm, all followers and the Response Center operator can see where the watch user is, and everyone can easily communicate with each other via the chat function in the app to see who can help.

If you have a BellPal Watch, you invite your followers via the app, and create a circle of family and friends who can help you if something happens. You can feel safe in the fact that you are never alone.

As a watch user, an iPhone 7 or later is required for the Bluetooth connection to the watch to work. Followers can use older phones.

* Response Center is an additional service in your BellPal subscription.

(To be able to share your position in the event of an alarm, location services always need to be activated. This can reduce the battery life of your phone. However, it is only during an alarm that your position is shared with anyone. Never otherwise. The BellPal app communicates with your BellPal Watch through Bluetooth / central mode that must be turned on.)


Version 1.5.0

BellPal has the following new upgrades for better customer experience and higher safety.

New Follower Alarm Notification methods:
> Alarm signal is a default notification setting with a unique BellPal sound
> Alarm notification is two steps: 1. The followers receive a push notification with BellPal alarm signal. 2. If no follower responds, an alarm text message (SMS) will be sent out to all followers.

Upgraded Fall A.I. Detection Software, which reduces false alarms.

New countdown cancellation time, reduced from 60 sec to 30 sec.

Improved pairing process between the App and Watch, to reduce potential fails for first time users.

Improvements of Watch LED light communication:
> Blue flashing light for Bluetooth pairing.
> Blue flashing light when Bluetooth connection between the Watch and the App is lost.

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