Let's play with mysterious Benham's disk. You can see various colors appearing from the black and white disk!

Different colors will be shown if you change the spin speed and patterns. So let's try spinning by yourself.

### Spin the sample disks ###
There are three sample disks. Those all have interesting visual effects. Some disks do not show colors in sunlight, but colors appear under the fluorescent lights. You'll get a sense of wonder.

### Make your own disks ###
You can also edit the sample disks. If you long-press a disk, disk-pattern editor will open.
Moreover, you can make your own disk from scratch by tapping the plus button.
You've successfully made your own cool disks? So why not sharing them.
You can export disk images to Photo Library and print them to make 'real' Benham's disks.

### Spin photos from Photo Library ###
Next, let's import your photo snaps from the Photo Library. How about taking a picture of umbrella, plate or your face? Spinning them in Benham's disk brings you lots of fun! You can change scaling and central point to see different effects.

Now the creation of Benham's disk made easy!


Version 1.1

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

- iOS 9 support


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