Kube just messed up Blox's last run of Meteor Dash X and he is out to get his revenge!

Choose between Blox or Kube (or any of the other 10 unlockable characters) and take on one (or all!) of the 68 challenging levels. Collect all the stars and complete all the levels to become a true Blox Vs. Kube master, and unlock the godly golden cubes!

Battle it out with a friend in the 2-player local multiplayer battle mode. The battle mode is an infinite randomly generated level with power-ups and debuffs to trick your enemy. The first one to fail loses!

This game reinvents the classic 2D level-based platformer genre with a new dimension! Apart from the classic jump and double jump Blox Vs. Kube features a gravity-switch ability. With the gravity-switch ability, the levels change fundamentally, up becomes down and down becomes up! With this tool in your toolbox and some quick fingers, you can take on the 68 challenging levels!


Version 1.4

*** New in 1.4 ***
1. Six brand new unlockable Halloween themed characters!
2. 40 new, Halloween themed, challenging levels!
3. Banner and interstitial ads to help us support the game with more free content!
4. General bug fixes

*** New in 1.3 ***
1. Added iMessage stickers, try them out! This requires iOS 10.3 or higher
2. Updated the title screen
3. Added a "Rate Us" pop-up to help users rate the game
4. Added help text to the Battle mode
5. Added a description on how to unlock new characters

*** New in 1.1 ***
1. Fixed a bug that did not save the state of the sound effects button nor the volume changes after quitting the game.
2. Added new screenshots with better proportions.

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2 betyg

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Ola Nilsson
87.2 MB

Kräver iOS 10.3 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.



Klassificerat som 12+ av följande skäl:
Tecknat eller fantasy med inslag av ofta förekommande/intensivt våld.
Sporadiskt förekommande/nedtonat olämpligt språk eller rå humor.
© 2017 Ola Nilsson
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