Brain Trainer PRO Gratis - utveckla ditt intellekt med minne, perception och reaktionsspel 4+

Anton Kartunov

Designad för iPad

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"Brain Trainer PRO Free" - is an application for the development of your memory and intellectual abilities.

We have collected in a single application the most interesting and effective intellectual games.

Memory games:
- "Remember the number" - a game for the development of the ability to remember long numbers
- "Watch for them" - and remember the correct sequence of actions to restore
- "Memory Matrix" - will help to develop the ability to remember a static images
- "Color memory" - find all pairs of table cells of the same color

Perception games:
- "Time perception" - the game will help to develop your perception of time
- "Stroop test" - a game for the development of color perception
- "Tables Schulte" - a game for the development of the perception of peripheral vision

Reaction games:
- "Try to catch" - the game helps to develop a response to recurring events

Math games (PRO version only):
- "Quick Counting" - Count fast in the mind
- "Inequalities" - determine, is inequality right
- "Guess the sign" - pick a mathematical sign to make a sentence right
- "Solve Equation" - solve a simple equation

In the future we will add even more games.


Version 1.2

Apple har uppdaterat den här appen för att visa appsymbolen för Apple Watch.

- New localizations added
- Some interface improvements
- Some small fixes

Betyg och recensioner

3,8 av 5
6 betyg

6 betyg


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