Carcassonne is a great boardgame with many MANY expansions. The problem tends to be how to select what expansions to play with, since playing with them all will take forever. Another problem is to remember the rules for them all.

Carcassonne Helper will help you solve both problems! You can now select which expansions you own, and the app will randomly tell you which ones you should play with. It also have notes on the rules for all expansions, to help you remember.

The following expansions are included:

Large expansions

Inns & Cathedrals (2002)
Traders & Builders (2003)
The Princess & Dragon (2005)
The Tower (2006)
Abbey & Mayor (2007)
Count, King, and Cult (2008)
The Catapult (2008)
Wheel of Fortune (2009)
Castles, Bridges & Bazaars (2010)

Small expansions

The River (2001)
The River II (2005)
GQ11 Mini Expansion (2006)
Cult, Siege and Creativity (2008)
The Tunnel (2009)
The Crop Circles (2010)
The Plague (2010)
The Festival (2011)
The Phantom (2011)
The School (2011)
The Flier (2012)
The Messages (2012)
The Ferries (2012)
The Goldmines (2012)
The Mage and the Witch (2012)
The Robber (2012)
Little Buildings (2012)
The Wind Roses (2013)

Carcassonne was created by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, Carcassonne Helper is in no way affiliated with Klaus-Jürgen Wrede or any publisher of Carcassonne. All right are reserved to their respective owners.


Version 2.0

* Added Little Buildings & The Wind Roses expansions
* Updated for iOS7
* Improved randomizer
* Added feature to select favorites

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1 betyg

Karsten hool ,

A good referential app

Good short Instrutions for all the carcassonne expansions which can be a god sent gift while playing with several expansions. All thoug I think it's rather dumb that you have to pay for stuff that you easily could find on the Internet, but it's still pretty good


Jonny Johansson
9.9 MB

Kräver iOS 7.0 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.


engelska, italienska

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