Have you ever wanted to create Magic: the Gathering cards on the go? If yes, then this app is for you! It's provides enough functionality to enable you to convert most of your ideas into cards, which you can then share with your friends and publish in our communty feed.

The app is growing and new features are being added so cards you make now will get a facelift with each new version. Please do check it out and send your suggestions!

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This app is not affiliated, specifically approved or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast.


Version 2.2.3

This mainly is a bug fix release. I finally managed to nail the legendary toggle bug and the legendary frames frame bug. I would like to thank all the Awesome Users who reported these and provided me with details and even screen recordings — they really helped!

I also managed to squeeze in one quality-of-life thing: the default cards are a thing of the past, now. Goodbye, Fierce Warriors! Goodbye, Estotas! No more default cards published to the Community card pool!

For more details, please update the app and read the "What's new" notes (you'll find them in app Settings, if you're a new user).

[v2.2.3] Bugfix update:
– fixed creature card type not having Power/Toughness box present.

P.S. I'm not asking for reviews when you're focused on designing cards, so – since you're reading this – could you do me a solid and leave a review for the app? They really help and I read all of them! Thank you!

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3.0 av 5
3 betyg

3 betyg

Dr. Octogonapuz ,

Needs a bit more to be good

There is both good and bad here:
+ decently clear interface
+ good customizability
- manually writing the type (there are only 7 different ones so a menu of some kind would make it a lot easier)
- no borders lands, planeswalkers or vehicles (or tokens)
- manual font size is fiddly and it would be a lot better if it was automatic ir at least tried to size everything correctly.

Will be keeping an eye out for future updates.

SaraGre ,

Thumbs up

Works fine and gives you all options needed. No crashing as other have had problems with, used the 2.2 version newly released so that might be the reason? Created really nice wedding/hen party deck for friends getting married, you can add your own photos and used predefined Magic terms or free text if you prefer. I paid for 3 months in order to be amble to export in high resolution.

Rombie87 ,


Well. Uppdated the app. Still crashes on startup


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