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Anton Heestand

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Circles is a node editor for creating live graphics, animations, automations and interfaces. In Circles you can connect nodes that flow in all directions. You can create graphics or camera filters with Pixel Nodes, animate with Float nodes, build a UI with View Nodes and use JavaScript with Data Nodes. There is also a Map Node, where you can go one level deeper and build reusable node flows.

Pixel Nodes include Arc, Circle, Color, Gradient, Line, Metal, Metal Script, Noise, Polygon, Rectangle, Star, Camera, Image, Video, Screen Capture, Depth Camera, Multi Camera, Paint, Earth, Blur, Channel Mix, Chroma Key, Clamp, Color Convert, Color Correct, Color Shift, Convert, Corner Pin, Crop, Delay, Edge, Feedback, Flare, Flip Flop, Freeze, Equalize, Kaleidoscope, Levels, Metal (1FX), Metal Script (1FX), Morph, Nil, Quantize, Rainbow Blur, Range, Resolution, Saliency, Sepia, Sharpen, Slope, Threshold, Tint, Transform, Twirl, Optical Flow, Filter, Warp, Pixelate, Blend, Cross, Displace, Lookup, Luma Blur, Luma Color Shift, Luma Levels, Luma Rainbow Blur, Luma Transform, Metal (2FX), Metal Script (2FX), Remap, Reorder, Time Machine, Array, Blends, Metal (NFX), Metal Script (NFX), Stack, Record, AirPlay, Particles, UV Particles and NDI Out.

Float Nodes include Value, Noise, Counter, List, Wave, Timer, Timeline, Clock, SharePlay Value, SharePlay In, SharePlay Out, Geolocation, OSC In, OSC Out, Audio Device In, Property, JSON Select, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Negate, Angle, Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Absolute, Power, Square Root, Minimum, Maximum, Atan, Atan2, Sort, Range, Color Convert, Duplicate, Filter, Delay, Debounce, Speed, Slope, Select and Merge.

View Nodes include Nil, Color, Text, Toggle, Slider, Stepper, SF Symbol, Spacer, Divider, Color Picker, Progress, Pixel In, H Stack, V Stack, Z Stack, H Grid, V Grid, Scroll, Button, Frame, Offset, Font, Padding, Border, Corner Radius and Foreground Color.

Data Nodes include Text, File, JSON, JavaScript, JavaScript Loop, JavaScript Event, JavaScript Float, Nil, Pretty Print and JSON Select.

A selection of pro nodes requires a subscription.

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Version 1.6.0

- All Pro and Max nodes are now included in the app
- This version unfortunately removes the NDI nodes
- Fixes settings button on macOS 13

Betyg och recensioner

5,0 av 5
1 betyg

1 betyg

Mr. Algorytm ,

Love it

Real juicy stuff, Circles is just another example of this guy’s incredible skills!

Konrad77 ,

Such a great app

Amazing app!


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