Race, Customize and Upgrade your favorite cars in this adaptation of the old Drag Racer games.

- So Many Cars to Customize
- Each Car with all new custom parts
- Unlimited customization
- Amazing Level Pack
- Now with amazing auto refill NOS.

===== Tips for the new controls :

- Tap & Hold the Accelerator Button to go forward
- Hit the Accelerator too early, and the car will burnout
- Hit the break button to drift the car.
- When the RPM reaches about 6k RPM, the green light will turn on, this is the best time to shift gears
- To Shift, tap the up arrow to the next appropriate gear (think like a standard transmission car)
- If you don't know how to drive stick, read the numbers on the RPM, (Early Shift might get down if you tap down arrow)
- For Pro Racer try to imagine that you are driving a real car.
- RPM has a small turbo meter on left and NOS meter on right

===== Tips with Gameplay :

- if you start with a high number in a stat, that stat will grow quicker with upgrades (a car with high HP will have a higher maximum HP)
-Race as much as you can and earn as much as you can so that you can unlock amazing new features.
- Keep your weight down as you upgrade (use weight reduction) as this effects how quickly your car goes in the lower RPMs
- When your in the middle of a journey, you can leave, do some quick races, make some money, upgrade your car, then return to the tournament. If you lose a race however, you lose the tournament.


Have Fun & Customize your cars! More cars are on the way, as well as more challenges & tournaments.


Version 3.0

After analyzing your reviews we made following changes.
All new 3D Designs
Amazing Car Modifications
Pack of all new cars
Amazing game controls
Auto NOS Refill
Gear Transmission Effects
Modify your car to beat your oponents

Betyg och recensioner

1.0 av 5
2 betyg

2 betyg

Borgarsvin ,


Funkar ej med iOS 5?

Apskaftet Wow! ,


Betala för ett spel som kostar pengar att spela? Ge tillbaks mina pengar! Och varför går allt i slow motion? Och varför är bilarna förslösa? VÄRDELÖST!

PleaseMr ,

This sucks

Kind of fun but the creator did not think when creating this game. My car is going Max 300 mph but does the 2,5 km strip in 8,5s. Thats an average off 1085 km/h or 658 mph. Don't buy this crap.


270.2 MB

Kräver iOS 6.0 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.



Åldersgräns 4+
© 2016 2nd Mouse Ventures Inc
10,00 kr
Köp inuti app
  1. Unlimited Performance Upgrades 20,00 kr
  2. Unlimited Car Purchases 20,00 kr
  3. Unlimited Tournament Entry Fees 20,00 kr


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